In the black of space lies fortune, beauty,

and horrors greater than we have ever known.


Reptilia Droc blends horror and science fiction

in this series of illustrated stories by Christopher Trefz.


Recent Articles

World of Tomorrow Review »

The Cold Blooded News: My thoughts on animated sci-fi epic, “World on Tomorrow”, by Don Hertzfeldt. I wanted to talk about an awesome piece of science fiction I saw as part of the 2015 Academy Award-nominated animated shorts, called “World of Tomorrow”. Written, directed, produced, animated, and edited by Don Hertzfeldt, a man of many talents […]

Kon'ja Throwing Blade »

The Kon’ja is a retractable throwing weapon used by the Droc. Carried on the armor as small disc, 4 inches in diameter, pressing the center button activates the weapon, producing three blades. Like other Droc blades, they use vibration technology for incredible cutting power. Along with magnetic repulsion for perpetual spin, and a neural connection […]

Unearthed »

Reptilia Droc: Unearthed Two figures, dressed in white spacesuits, went speeding down the circular stone tunnel on a pair of hoovering skimmers. At thirty feet in diameter, the immense passage was lit by a trail of glow-tubes, embedded into the walls every thirty feet or so. The mounted lights created a hypnotic, strobe-like effect as […]