Beyond the edge of our world lies countless possibilities,

unmatched beauty, and horrors greater than we have ever known.


An illustrated Novel by Christopher Trefz.


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The Conglomerate Age »

1 ACF to Current (210 ACF) The galaxy is starting to unite once more, taking the Wei’Quin’s ideal of developing the land and its resources in the name of profit and progress, twelve titan corporations stepped forward and essentially bought two thirds of the Nexis Galaxy. Privatizing the local governments and public services, replacing politicians […]

The Age of Turmoil »

1000 BCF – 0 ACF A thousand year period between the fall of the Wei’Quin Empire and rise of the Conglomerate States. Technology, interstellar trade and diplomatic relations between worlds were massively setback by the Great War and the loss of a central government. *BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation) *ACF (After Conglomerate Formation)

The Wei’Quin Age »

1500 BCF – 1,000 BCF New species all around the galaxy are reaching “Hyperdrive” level technology. There are little to no signs left of the Ancient races. The concept has been largely dismissed as myth or been absorbed into local religious doctrine as angels and deities. In the Core of the galaxy, a central government […]