Beyond the edge of our world lies countless possibilities,

undiscovered beauty, and horrors greater than we have ever known.


An illustrated science fiction, horror novel by Christopher Trefz.


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Vornis Research »

First mention: “Hide ‘N’ Seek” Vornis Research is the experimental technologies branch of the Tydorren Corporation. Their primary facility in the city of Yuhanas Leh was destroyed in a terrorist bombing. The perpetrators were never caught, but officials believe agents of their rival, the Destonie Corporation, were responsible. There are rumors that the facility was […]

Delta Class »

The classification for non-sentient multicellular lifeforms, capable of spontaneous, independent movement.  More commonly known as animals, they are separated from Alphas and Betas as a lower order, due to their lesser intelligence and perceived lack of consciousness. However some religions throughout the galaxy are known to recognize all life as sentient beings.

Sam Vesten »

Species: Human Class: Beta Gender: Male First Appearance: “Hide ‘N’ Seek” Sam is an energetic six year old boy, and son of Katherine Vesten. The boy has a healthy imagination, curious nature, and a talent for sneaking off in search of adventure. He is also an avid fan of a very popular animated series and […]