Beyond the edge of our world lies countless possibilities,

undiscovered beauty, and horrors greater than we have ever known.


An illustrated science fiction, horror novel by Christopher Trefz.


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Jake Salnen »

Species: Human Class: Beta Sex: Male First appearance: “Reptilia Droc: Survivor” Jake Salnen worked for Destonie Corporation as part of their world harvesting operations in Outer Territory. He was recently re-assigned to a planet surveying team, and tasked with testing for mineral deposits. Jake considered the transfer to be a plus, while there were less conveniences, […]

New Short Story: Hide'N'Seek »

Update Katherine Vestan is trying to relax after a stressful day at work, but her difficulties are just beginning when an explosion rocks the city. Was it an accident or a terrorist attack? It’s the least of Katherine’s worries as she realizes her six year old son has snuck off in the chaos. Desperate to find her […]

Hide'N'Seek »

Reptilia Droc: Hide’N’Seek That evening, Katherine was sprawled out on the sofa after a late dinner, still recuperating from a grueling day serving mediocre food to ornery customers, for an overbearing boss. She was thankful that her energetic, six-year old son had eventually settled down and was playing with his toys nearby on the living […]