Beyond the edge of our world lies countless possibilities,

unmatched beauty, and horrors greater than we have ever known.


An illustrated Novel by Christopher Trefz.


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2015 Re-Design »

Update Welcome to the new Re-designed to show more illustrations through new, large banners, and to be more phone and tablet friendly, so you can keep up with the Droc on the Go. Coding by Trefz Web Design

Dompaka Space Pirates »

The Dompaka are the largest and most feared of the space pirate clans operating in the Outer Territories. The pirates are a diverse group, assimilating members from every species around the galaxy, the only real requirement of joining is a sufficiently ruthless nature. Rather then using corporate basic, they have their own language pieced together […]

Titanoboa: Monster Snake »

The Cold Blooded News A while back I saw a documentary on Titanboa, which I know sounds like a syfy channel original, but was in fact an actual giant prehistoric snake! Now the Academy of Science, Philadelphia, will be hosting a special exhibit on the super snake. Definitely check it out if you are in […]