Beyond the edge of our world lies countless possibilities,

unmatched beauty, and horrors greater than we have ever known.


An illustrated Novel by Christopher Trefz.


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Gree Ra’desh »

Gree Ra’desh, was a Yah’Weian missionary that lived two hundred years before the formation of the Conglomerate States. This turbulent era, known as the Age of Turmoil, saw the decline of interstellar trade and multiple wars between rival worlds, which lead to a great deal of suffering throughout the galaxy. Gree Ra’desh was well known […]

Yah’Wei »

As the Wei’Quin Empire conquered and united the core worlds of the Nexis, vastly different cultures were forced coexist. This lead to an exchange and blending of ideas, including the creation of the Yah’Weian religion. This was a peaceful, monotheistic sect revolving around the worship of a deity named Yah’Wei, which quickly spread among the […]

The Corr’Quin Language »

Corr’Quin is the primary language of the Wei’Quin Empire. At the height of it’s power, the Wei’Quin controlled huge portions of the Nexis Galaxy, forcing its language and culture throughout the inhabited worlds of it’s territory. The Corr’Quin language ultimately persisted long after the fall of the civilization which created it. The widely known dialect […]