About the Reptilia Droc

The Reptilia Droc are an ancient and powerful, alien race, and the titular force in a series of short stories and concept art created by Chris Trefz. A combination of horror and science fiction, these various works are leading up to an illustrated novel called “Scavenger”. This first volume will be printed in a 7×10 format, written out as a novel, with each chapter sporting several full page and spot illustrations. Be sure to check the News section for updates.


Front and back cover

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About the Story

The Conglomerate States, a fragile coalition of star systems is rapidly expanding into the surrounding Outer Territories, in an attempt to replenish it’s dwindling resources. However, progress is disrupted as the military and colonists find themselves in a growing confrontation with the Reptilia Droc, a reclusive species labeled too primitive to offer a creditable threat. Now, as the public is mislead and distracted from the battle raging abroad, it brings into question the true motivations of both sides.


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About the Author

Christopher Trefz is a writer and artist living in the Philadelphia area. He graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with BFA in graphic design and illustration. Avid fan of space opera, giant monsters, and ridiculous 80’s action movies, which influence his work and preoccupy his imagination. Along with a fascination for the real world’s creepy crawlers and most unusual animals, and especially reptiles and dinosaurs. Chris also has a pet bearded dragon and re eared slider, who are like his children.

His other works include author and illustrator of the children’s book, “Below the Wave: Timmy’s Quest”, published by Windstorm Creative. As well as the illustrator of the self published “Realoscope of Ringgold Valley” picture book series.

Chris Trefz


Get Started

This site was created to introduce readers to the characters and setting of the Reptilia Droc universe as Chris continues to develop the series. Along the way, Chris will be posting illustrations, concept art, character bios, short stories, and sample of the illustrated novels. Here’s some articles on the most import groups and regions to get you started:


The Reptilia Droc | The Conglomerate States | The Nexis Galaxy | The Outer Territories | Alphas



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