Alligator on the Green

March 12, 2015

The Cold Blooded News

An alligator, estimated to be about 13 feet long, has taken up residency atĀ the Myakka Pines Golf Club. It’s been sited taking leisurely strolls from pond to pond while taking in the course, andĀ freaking out the golfers.

alligator on golf Course_2

The size of the creature has prompted a debate among social media users. Non-believers have accused the pictures of being photoshoped to a man in a costume.

alligator on golf Course

To their point, 13 feet is definitely on the upper end of the size alligators can reach. And as someone who works in Photoshop, it’s definitely possible to manipulate a picture in that way. There’s also no shortage of pranksters looking to get their 2 minutes of fame.


On the other hand, we’re talking about Florida, and alligators are no strangers to golf courses.

Just crossing my fingers there aren’t any incidents. I would hate to see any harm come to the golfers or the animal.