Alpha class

August 24, 2011

Sentient lifeforms in the Nexis Galaxy are divided into two categories, Alpha and Beta class.

Alphas are a class of being that developed  along an entirely different evolutionary trajectory that other species like humans.

Their most notable feature is their size, and animal characteristics. The smallest adult specimens are still 6 feet tall. And larger species range between seven and eight feet tall. The only known exception is proto alphas, like the Reptilia species, Qui Quey, which is thought to be an evolutionary link between alphas and Betas.

While many Betas have a humanoid build, Alphas maintain a more specialized, animal-like design and predatory senses akin to their ancestral progenitors.

Other unique features include: preternatural strength, speed, agility, and accelerated healing. This abilities are enhanced  by hormone Alphas produce called, thetaline, which provides a major burst and is released into the body by stress.

“Being in the presence of something that could kill you so easily was simultaneously exciting
and intimidating.” – Melean Tass, “Encounter at Sakora”

Size Comparison between an Alpha (left) and Betas (right).