Asp fighters

January 20, 2012

Model: strike-class starfighter
Manufacturer: Reptilia Droc Empire
Size: 25 foot wing span
First appearance: Scavenger

Asp fighters, small one one-man craft used by the Reptilia Droc. They’re fast and maueverable, with strong shields and an array of weapons including dual plasma canons and a payload of eight torpedoes. Defensive weapons include CCB’s, Counter Concussion Bombs. These small explosive devices can be ejected from behind when being pursued by an enemy fighter. Magnetic cuplinks help the bomb to lock onto  it’s target and explode with enough force to destroy or disable the pursuer.

These ships fly with wings vertically oriented, but when coming in for a landing turn sideways, the cockpit rotating proportionately with the ship. It’s most unique feature is its use a force field rather then steel or glass to enclose the ship’s cockpit.

Above: The G1 Asp series

Asps are hyperspace capable, allowing them to travel great distances without of a carrier or other support ships. Their stealthy design compliment of torpedos make them very effect in solo attack missions. However Asps are more commonly used as support for larger Marauders and Dominators.

Above: The modern G2 Asp fighter

Above: Asp Front and Back

Above: Asp Side and  three quarter view