Augmented Reality – AR

September 10, 2013

Augmented Reality, comonly known as AR, is when a Neural Connection chip is used to overlay information and images ontop of real-world senses.

The most common uses are audio and visual.  Sounds will play in the user’s head and computer-generated graphics will appear as translucent images, icons, or text in the user’s field of vision. Icons, windows and other interaction prompts can be layered, stacked, toggled, hidden, or shifted out of the way if necessary to interact with the physical world. Information viewed like this is known as an AR display.

The NC can also work in conjuncture with SimSpace programs to simulate other sensory information such as touch, taste, and smell, creating full immersion. This can not be done over WiFi, the user’s NC chip would need to be physically linked up to specialized machines to accomplish this.