New Audio Book: Survivor – v2

August 7, 2016

I’ve posted a new version of my Survivor audio book. This time around narrated by my friend Andrew Frueh. A very talented guy who has worked on projects ranging from games, animation, and even robotics. Take a look at some of his work over at

I think you’ll find this new version has much better audio quality thanks to the equipment Andrew had available, and his performance really brings the characters to life.

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Survivor Audio Book

August 6, 2016

Jake Salnen awoke to find himself trapped under a pile of debris. He managed to free himself only to to discover the remote surveying compound where he worked had been attacked, and all his fellow personnel are now missing. Injured and alone, Jake searches the abandoned camp for answers, but may be unprepared for what he’ll find.


World of Tomorrow Review

April 22, 2016

The Cold Blooded News:

My thoughts on animated sci-fi epic, “World on Tomorrow”, by Don Hertzfeldt.


I wanted to talk about an awesome piece of science fiction I saw as part of the 2015 Academy Award-nominated animated shorts, called “World of Tomorrow”. Written, directed, produced, animated, and edited by Don Hertzfeldt, a man of many talents and a strange sense of humor, if you’ve watched some of his other features like “It’s Such a Beautiful Day”. Hertzfeldt has produced an imaginative vision of the future that is equal parts wondrous and terrifying, with a twisted sense of humor, but also some very emotionally resonant moments. Don’t be fooled by the childlike simplicity of the draws, this movie is packed with themes and concepts.


The Plot

The story revolves around a young girl named Emily, who receives a call from a woman claiming not only to be from the future, but a 3rd generation clone of the girl herself! The clone begins to relate to Emily, her “prime” about the future, where technology has allowed humans to obtain near immortality through cloning, or for the lower class, uploading their minds to computers for an accelerated, formless eternity. People also have the ability to re-watch any point in history on their view screens, which is how the clone is able to speak with Emily. As interesting as this sounds, more recent history consists mainly of of people sitting infront of view screens watching over people, a wink towards our own TV culture. Listening to the clone’s robotic, monotone voice, it seems the advancements have done more harm then good for future humanity.

Just when you think this might be nothing more than a prank call, the Emilly clone uses time travel to transport her progenitor to the future. Emily prime finds herself in the “Outernet” a physical manifestation of cyberspace. The Clone then takes Emily on journey through her memories, where we see a colony on the moon and aliens worlds, and more of strange culture that has evolved with these technologies. The clone also reveals the ultimate fate of humanity, and has a request of her prime. (more…)

Kon’ja Throwing Blade

April 17, 2016

The Kon’ja is a retractable throwing weapon used by the Droc. Carried on the armor as small disc, 4 inches in diameter, pressing the center button activates the weapon, producing three blades.

Like other Droc blades, they use vibration technology for incredible cutting power. Along with magnetic repulsion for perpetual spin, and a neural connection up link that allows the Droc to change the weapon’s flight path mid throw. These features make the Kon’ja ideal for the Droc’s preferred style of stealth based kills.

throwing blade


April 13, 2016

Reptilia Droc:


Two figures, dressed in white spacesuits, went speeding down the circular stone tunnel on a pair of hoovering skimmers. At thirty feet in diameter, the immense passage was lit by a trail of glow-tubes, embedded into the walls every thirty feet or so. The mounted lights created a hypnotic, strobe-like effect as the skimmers whipped. They also served to highlight a pair of large, flexible pipes that stretched off into the distance and gently bobbed in the absence of gravity.

After another few minutes at top velocity, the skimmers began to slow as they approached the opening to a small cavern. Foreman Rankev, and his engineer, Benzo, parked their transports in front of a large, mobile drilling platform, which filled the recess from floor to ceiling, with the pipes, marked red and blue, connecting at its base.

Floating in the small gap, between the rig and the cavern wall, were a pair of furry Dorchens. Also dressed in space suits, the workers used safety lines to secure themselves to the huge machine. Once the riders locked their skimmers in place with grip-pads, they used the small thrusters built into their suits to navigate towards the drilling rig.

“Alright, Orretz, you got us down here.” the foreman said over his suit’s COMM. “Now what’s so v’leking important that you and Zeri held up production and made me leave my nice warm ship to come a mile and half down inside of an asteroid?”

The male Dorchen replied, “Well, sir, we had just finished up in sector fifteen, and we were about to move onto a deposit of iridium over in sector eighteen. The initial scans showed only ordinary igneous rock up ahead, so we were going to cut through there as a shortcut, but then we hit something harder than the surrounding sediment…” He began to trail off. (more…)

New Short Story: Unearthed

April 13, 2016


A team of asteroid miners stumble upon a strange material buried deep within the rock. This amazing find could make them all rich, or prove to be their undoing.



Survivor Audio Book – Version 1

March 15, 2016

I recently finished editing an audio book version of my first short story, “Survivor”. Narrated by my friend Carlos Vaca Mora, it’s a science fiction, horror story with an action packed conclusion.

The Summary: Jake Salnen awoke to find himself trapped under a pile of debris. He managed to free himself only to to discover the remote surveying compound where he worked had been attacked, and all his fellow personnel are now missing. Injured and alone, Jake searches the abandoned camp for answers, but may be unprepared for what he’ll find.

Hope you’ll give it a listen, and be to follow me over on SoundCloud for future podcasted stories.

Vornis Research

January 16, 2016

First mention: “Hide ‘N’ Seek

Vornis Research is the experimental technologies branch of the Tydorren Corporation. Their primary facility in the city of Yuhanas Leh was destroyed in a terrorist bombing. The perpetrators were never caught, but officials believe agents of their rival, the Destonie Corporation, were responsible.

There are rumors that the facility was in possession of some advanced technology recovered from the Outer Territories.


Delta Class

January 14, 2016

The classification for non-sentient multicellular lifeforms, capable of spontaneous, independent movement.  More commonly known as animals, they are separated from Alphas and Betas as a lower order, due to their lesser intelligence and perceived lack of consciousness.

However some religions throughout the galaxy are known to recognize all life as sentient beings.

Sam Vesten

January 7, 2016

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Gender: Male
First Appearance: “Hide ‘N’ Seek

Sam is an energetic six year old boy, and son of Katherine Vesten. The boy has a healthy imagination, curious nature, and a talent for sneaking off in search of adventure. He is also an avid fan of a very popular animated series and toy line, based very loosely on the Reptilia Droc.

When Sam becomes convinced his favorite monsters are skulking around the abandoned warehouse across from his apartment complex, he looks for the first opportunity to investigate. Finally the evening came when Sam caught his napping and got his opportunity.