Thrill of the Hunt

September 15, 2015

Reptilia Droc:

Thrill of the Hunt

Maso Dubar was lounging in the back seat of an open-air rover, with an expensive, custom-ordered hunting rifle propped up against the vehicle’s door. As the gray-skinned Nazdole relaxed, a comfort bot hovered overhead, blasting him with cool air to provide some relief against the planet’s twin suns.

Dubar wished he had thought to equip the machine with bug repellent as another three-inch long, winged insect buzzed past his face. “Damned bugs!” he cursed, swatting at the creature with his hat. “I can’t stand the bloody things.” Dubar noticed the other being, seated in the front of the rover, glance over at him. “Present company excluded, of course,” he added with a smirk.

“As you say, Pon Dubar,” replied the Amothie, a tall, thin insectoid being with a brown exoskeleton, yellow, bulging eyes, and large, serrated mandibles. Seyroon returned to his binoculars, peering through the curtain of tall reeds which hid their vehicle from sight. The pair had spent the last few hours watching the parade of animals quench their thirst at a watering hole some thirty yards away.

“Any sign of our critter?” Dubar inquired.

“Nothing yet, but this is a good spot to watch–lots of ba’tuu prey. Chances very good we find one today.”

“You’ve been saying that for the last three days.”

“Must be patient, Pon Dubar, not so many ba’tuu as used to be. Not since ba’tuu become big trophy for off-worlders.”

“Well, on the plus side,” Dubar smiled, “scarcity will increase the value once I bag it, that’s the basic rule of supply and demand.”

“My life mate say you can’t put value on ba’tuu. It very important in Amothie religion.”

“Uh-huh,” Dubar mumbled, pulling his hat down over his eyes, losing interest.

“She give me much grief, that I track Ba’tuu for off-worlders. She think it very bad maak’wa, or you say, luck.”

“Don’t worry, everyone has a price. She’ll forget old superstitions once she sees the paycheck you bring home. Presuming you deliver a ba’tuu, of course.”

As Seyroon continued to make small talk, Dubar used his neural connection to check on the probes he sent toremotely scout the area from above. The machines were intended for surveillance, but he had their sensors customized for Bat’uu bio-algorithms. So far, the probes came up negative, but with some refinement, he hoped to eventually do away with native guides like Seyroon. (more…)

The News on FaceBook

August 6, 2015

Update/ The Cold Blooded News:

On the Droc Facebook Page I’ll be sharing fun articles I find, like the “Lizard Man” of South Carolina.


For more Cold Blooded News, like articles related to reptiles, science fiction, and fun pop culture items, head over to the Droc Facebook page. I decided to make the distinction that the Facebook page is where all re-post fun and interesting articles. While the Cold Blodded News section here on the site will be for articles I’ve written myself, providing my thoughts on the topic. This way the two pages will have unique features, but when I do post an article here, I’ll be sure to link to it on the Facebook page as well.

In addition to reptilian-related news stories, I’ll also be posting works in progress of my illustrations, as well what I hope to be a weekly sketch to help flush out more of the Droc universe. Hopefully together these features will help keep the content flowing on the Facebook page.

I may occasionally post a few “Best of” Selections from the Cold Blooded News here on the main site, for posterity. For example, one recent stand out article, was the siting of the Lizard Man in South Carolina.

“Yep. That is the story comin’ outta da South Carolina town of Bishopville. The urban legend Lizard Man is on the prowl again after a woman attending church services took a photo of it and sent it into the ABC News 4 newsroom.”


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The Conglomerate Age

July 3, 2015

1 ACF to Current (210 ACF)

The galaxy is starting to unite once more, taking the Wei’Quin’s ideal of developing the land and its resources in the name of profit and progress, twelve titan corporations stepped forward and essentially bought two thirds of the Nexis Galaxy. Privatizing the local governments and public services, replacing politicians with regional directors. Planets sold their independence in exchange for security, food, and guaranteed employment for all citizens. The twelve galactic corporations then established a loose knit truce between one another and became known as the Conglomerate States.

*ACF (After Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline

The Age of Turmoil

July 2, 2015

1000 BCF – 0 ACF

A thousand year period between the fall of the Wei’Quin Empire and rise of the Conglomerate States.

Technology, interstellar trade and diplomatic relations between worlds were massively setback by the Great War and the loss of a central government.

*BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation)

*ACF (After Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline

The Wei’Quin Age

July 1, 2015

1500 BCF – 1,000 BCF

New species all around the galaxy are reaching “Hyperdrive” level technology. There are little to no signs left of the Ancient races. The concept has been largely dismissed as myth or been absorbed into local religious doctrine as angels and deities.
In the Core of the galaxy, a central government called the Wei’Quin Empire has been formed. It has a manifesto to unite all the worlds of the Nexis under one rule, one culture, and one language. It proceeds to absorb the surrounding systems through diplomacies and generosity at first, and war if the people resists.

*BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline

The Age of Exploration

June 30, 2015

2300 BCF – 1500 BCF
Eight hundred years before the rise of the Wei’Quin Empire, interstellar exploration was made possible with the invention of the Hyperdrive Engine. Journey’s between star systems that would have once taken generations, could now be achieved in days. World’s that’s could only be glimpsed through telescopes could now be visited.

Slowly but surely the denizens of the Nexis were beginning to realize they were far from alone in the galaxy. Eventually space-lanes were mapped providing the safest and fastest routes between worlds, allowing for interstellar trade.

Many world’s profited as a result of this age, however, as the ring of explored territories grew ever wider, the more technologically advanced worlds began to conquer and exploit the new worlds they came upon.

*BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline

The Age of Progress

June 29, 2015

3300 BCF – 2300 BCF
The age in which civilizations first arose across the galaxy and began recording their individual histories. Technology was in it’s infancy and the beings of the Nexis had no means of knowing there was life all throughout the galaxy.

*BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline


June 28, 2015

3300 BCF and Before

Prehistory refers to the period of existence for sentient lifeforms in the Nexis before the availability of written records.

Some fringe scholars believe that while the ancestors of the Conglomerate States were still living in caves, the Reptilia Droc were already exploring galaxy. Corporate sponsored academies however does not acknowledge such claims.

*BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline


June 27, 2015

An eye-grab is the process by which a being can capture a still-frame of their own vision, through the aid of a neural connection chip. This allows users to share what they are seeing quickly, without the full immersion of an XP.

XR (Xperience Recording)

June 20, 2015

An XR, also known as Xperience recording, is the capture and recreation of a being’s five senses. Throught the aid of a neural connection chip, a user can be fully immersed in a captured memory, allowing them to re-live an event, complete with the sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

The user can re-live their own memories or someone else’s. An XP can also be converted into a SimSpace environment which can be explore and interacted with.