June 10, 2015

First Appearance: Survivor

Located in the Outer Territories, Arris is the fourth planet in its system. It is an uninhabited world covered predominantly swamp and marsh land. The planet was in the process of being surveyed by the Destonnie Corporation, in hopes of replenishing their dwindling resources. However, the operation was put on hold after the surveying team suffered severe casualties, in an incident involving the Reptilia Droc.



June 7, 2015

Reptilia Droc:


With a groan, I slowly came around to a pounding headache and a searing pain in my leg. The sensation was compounded by the chill of cold metal against my face, and a crushing pressure on my back.

“Jake!” I heard a familiar female voice call from within my head. “Thank goodness you have regained consciousness. How do you feel?”

I tried to open my eyes, but could only manage to blink, regardless, I could now see a transparent, green sphere taking shape in the blackness. It was soon joined by the various stat panels forming my heads-up display.

“OnBoard?” I thought back via my neural connection. “What the hell happened to me?” I willed my eyes to open, only to find I was lying face down on a floor littered with dirt, spilled equipment, and chunks of debris. The room itself was dark except for a few beams of sunlight, suggesting that there was now a hole in the ceiling.

The green sphere in my vision pulsed as it replied. “There was an explosion on the east-side of the building. I’m afraid the resulting concussion caused a supply shelf to collapse on top of you. I sent a distress alert to Operations. However, no one has responded, as of yet.”

With a grunt, I tried to lift myself off the floor, but the effort sent a sharp jolt of pain through my leg, while the pressure on my back refused to yield. “V’lek,” I cursed and slumped to the ground in defeat.

“Jake, please do not exert yourself,” the artificial intelligence said with concern. “Your body has sustained multiple injuries.” OnBoard produced a Human anatomical diagram, highlighting five areas in red and data on the specifics.

“I’m fine. I’ve been banged up worse on the job,” I assured the program.

“I do not have a record of such an occurrence. Can you please clarify?”

“Forget it. How long was I out for?”

“Eight hours and twenty two minutes.”

“And nobody’s been by or answered the COMM at Ops this whole time?”

“Correct, but there was an alert posted on the network shortly after you lost consciousness.”

The AI displayed a red and yellow popup in my vision, which read, ‘The compound is currently under attack by unknown assailants. Non-security personnel should remain locked indoors until further instructions are given.’

“Gree Ra’desh,” I uttered the saint’s name in surprise. “If it’s been eight hours, and the alert still hasn’t been cleared, that doesn’t bode well.”


New Short Story: Survivor

June 7, 2015


I recently completed work on a new short story called “Survivor”.

Jake Salnen awoke to find himself trapped under a pile of debris. He managed to free himself only to to discover the remote surveying compound where he worked had been attacked, and all his fellow personnel are now missing. Injured and alone, Jake searches the abandoned camp for answers, but may be unprepared for what he’ll find.



May 7, 2015

As the Wei’Quin Empire conquered and united the core worlds of the Nexis, vastly different cultures were forced coexist. This lead to an exchange and blending of ideas, including the creation of the Yah’Weian religion. This was a peaceful, monotheistic sect revolving around the worship of a deity named Yah’Wei, which quickly spread among the Wei’Quin territories.

After the Wei’Quin collapsed, the Yah’Weian religion and Corr’Quin language were two of the only surviving legacies of the once  great Empire. The religion would continue to be spread by missionaries such as Gree Ra’desh, who would later be declared a saint.

When Human nomads first arrived in Nexis galaxy many convert to the Yei’Weian religion as a means of assimilation, and because of it’s similarities to the three dominant religions of their ancient homeworld.

The Corr’Quin Language

May 6, 2015

Corr’Quin is the primary language of the Wei’Quin Empire. At the height of it’s power, the Wei’Quin controlled huge portions of the Nexis Galaxy, forcing its language and culture throughout the inhabited worlds of it’s territory.

The Corr’Quin language ultimately persisted long after the fall of the civilization which created it. The widely known dialect had become a necessity through interstellar trade as a means for different species to communicate with one another.

The Conglomerate states also understood the advantages of unfettered communication between the worlds, and upon their formation required all citizens to learn Corr’Quin in addition to their natives languages.

As a result of the Conglomerate States expansion into the Outer Territories, Corr’Quin has been spreading among nomads and other locals seeking to trade.


April 7, 2015

Overtime a number of coarse and vulgar words from other languages throughout the Nexis have been incorporated into the Corr’Quin dialect. Usually reserved for offending or expressing intense emotion, some are used more casually depending on the social circle. Examples include:

As a noun it refers to fecal matter (excrement) and as a verb it means to defecate.
“What a bunch of crite.” “You are full of crite.” “It smell like crite in here.”

Refers to the act of sexual intercourse and is also commonly used to denote disdain or as an intensifier.
“V’lek you!” “What the v’lek?” “What a v’leking mess!” “We are so v’leked!”

A term of degradation considered to be the most extreme and hostile of insults. When used alone acts as an intensifier, while the addition of “un” (mox’zung un), directs the profanity towards a group or individual. This phrase is used sparingly, as it often results in a violent reaction.

Site Sections

March 19, 2015



The Reptilia Droc series is set in a far flung future, of an unfamiliar region of space, rife with alien species, cultures, and technology. To this end, the Blog section serves as an online encyclopedia for the Droc universe, with entries on all of the relevant characters, locations, technology, and factions featured in my various stories.

Articles can then be sorted by subject using tags and categories to quickly track down related content. Tags can be found at the bottom of each post, the sidebar menu, and the Tags page. Also use the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page to search for specific characters or terms from the stories.



In this section Chris will track the status of his projects, announce new short stories which have been posted, and works in progress. As well as up coming conventions and events he will be attending to promote his work and meet with fans.

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The Cold Blooded News

The Reptilia Droc series combines Chris’ love of reptiles and science fiction. In that spirit, this section of his blog is dedicated to sharing stories from around the web, involving reptiles in science fiction, real-life reptiles and dinosaurs, and conventions or exhibits he’s attended.

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Stories Page

See the stories page page for a list of all projects underdevelopment and completed. The first chapter of the novel is available to read as a PDF. There are also several short stories available to read in their entirety. Read the stories here on the site, or download the PDF’s for the Droc themed page skin.

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Alligator on the Green

March 12, 2015

The Cold Blooded News

An alligator, estimated to be about 13 feet long, has taken up residency at the Myakka Pines Golf Club. It’s been sited taking leisurely strolls from pond to pond while taking in the course, and freaking out the golfers.

alligator on golf Course_2

The size of the creature has prompted a debate among social media users. Non-believers have accused the pictures of being photoshoped to a man in a costume.

alligator on golf Course

To their point, 13 feet is definitely on the upper end of the size alligators can reach. And as someone who works in Photoshop, it’s definitely possible to manipulate a picture in that way. There’s also no shortage of pranksters looking to get their 2 minutes of fame.


On the other hand, we’re talking about Florida, and alligators are no strangers to golf courses.

Just crossing my fingers there aren’t any incidents. I would hate to see any harm come to the golfers or the animal.

2015 Re-Design

February 23, 2015


Welcome to the new reptilia-droc.twd. Re-designed to show more illustrations through new, large banners, and to be more phone and tablet friendly, so you can keep up with the Droc on the Go.


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Dompaka Space Pirates

February 22, 2015

The Dompaka are the largest and most feared of the space pirate clans operating in the Outer Territories. The pirates are a diverse group, assimilating members from every species around the galaxy, the only real requirement of joining is a sufficiently ruthless nature. Rather then using corporate basic, they have their own language pieced together from the various pre-corporate languages of it’s members.


The pirates have been known for both scavenging broken down ships, as well as setting up traps to ambush ships traveling along the space lanes. They prefer to attack freighters and sell it’s cargo, but they will also attack passenger ships to rob those aboard.


The pirates have an infamous reputation for rapping and murdering those they attack, and rarely leave survivors. With Reptilia Droc attacks on Corporate colonies on the rise, the pirates have have been quick to scavenge the ruins.