The Great War

December 28, 2013

The galaxy wide conflict with the Reptilia Droc was known as the Great War. It resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin Empire 900 years ago, and made way for the rise of the Conglomerate States.

Afterwards the Droc returned behind their own border and have remained in total isolation until recent skirmishes over worlds in the Outer Territories.

In commonly accepted Corporate history, the war was described as a draw. The Wei’quin having successfully pushed the barbaric Droc raiders from their borders, but the cost still great enough that it resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin.

The power behind the Droc’s attack is attributed to overwhelming numbers rather than advanced technology. Old rivals would also explain the great loses by accusing one another of fleeing during key battles, and aiding the enemy exchange for the promise of power after the conclusion of the war.

The Wei’quin Empire

December 20, 2013

A galaxy Wide system of government that successfully quelled old rivalries and bound the core worlds of the Nexis together. This historic coalition remained stable for nearly 500 years, until diplomatic relations collapsed with an ancient race in far corner of the Nexis, called the Reptilia Droc.

This conflict was known as the Great War, and resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin 900 years ago.

Ellie Nurrier

November 20, 2013

Ellie Nurrier, first mate of the Pathfinder, a freelance salvaging freighter operating along the Outer Territories.

Ellie is a talented pilot, and an expert fighter. In her earlier days she served in the military of the Tydorenn Corporation as a pilot, flying troop transports into battle zones. But she real  goal was to join the men down on the field. She later resigned, frustrated that woman were banned from ground combat, despite having completed and excelled at all of the necessary training.

This has left her quick to throw herself fully into any challenge, even to the point of being reckless. While Ellie is fully capable of defending herself against pirates, and the other predators of the Outer Territories. She and the rest of the crew of the Pathfinder will find themselves unprepared for an encounter with the feared Reptilia Droc.

Ellie Nurrier


November 4, 2013

Jump pads are platforms used to transport people and cargo from ships down to the surface of planets by creating a micro hyperspace conduit.

A technology still in it’s infancy, line of sight is required between the ship and it’s destination. The recommended distance from ship to ground is a maximum of a hundred feet. Longer distances are possible, but require a jump-pad at both the sending and receiving point to create a stable conduit.



November 2, 2013

The standard vac-suit is a light weight, pressurized suit for maneuvering in space, or other hazardous environments. Vac-suits are also used as protection against radiation and biological threats. Armored vac-suits are also available for military application.



Vac-suits are equipped with an oxygen recycler good for 3 hours of breathing. Advanced models can recycle air for up to 3 days, and are equipped with food and water and waste removal systems.

Magnetic boots and gloves for gripping in zero G. A utility belt with a spindle of high tensile line. Created from self-healing nano fabric, which can automatically repair small holes and tears. The helmet is made of liquid nano glass, a substance which can take a hardened shape like a helmet, as well as liquify and retract inside the collar seal of the suit when not in use.

Augmented Reality – AR

September 10, 2013

Augmented Reality, comonly known as AR, is when a Neural Connection chip is used to overlay information and images ontop of real-world senses.

The most common uses are audio and visual.  Sounds will play in the user’s head and computer-generated graphics will appear as translucent images, icons, or text in the user’s field of vision. Icons, windows and other interaction prompts can be layered, stacked, toggled, hidden, or shifted out of the way if necessary to interact with the physical world. Information viewed like this is known as an AR display.

The NC can also work in conjuncture with SimSpace programs to simulate other sensory information such as touch, taste, and smell, creating full immersion. This can not be done over WiFi, the user’s NC chip would need to be physically linked up to specialized machines to accomplish this.

Firefly Bot

July 6, 2013

Firefly bot, a small baseball-sized hovering drone, covered in an illuminated surface. Controlled via the user’s Nersert, the Firefly floats behind them acting as a hands-free lantern. The firefly can vary it’s brightness, or illuminate a single side like a flashlight.

Firefly bot

Firefly bot concept art


Net Counter Measures

June 14, 2013


Creates a blackout zone that blocks communications and HyperNet access. Cheaper models are capable of shrouding a single room. Where as factions like the Reptilia Droc have the capability to jam an entire planet. Though short range transmissions are still possible on certain frequencies.



A device that can be placed on the back of a person’s neck, to prevent a user from being able to record with their NC chip what they see and hear by degrading the feed into static. This device is used to prevent blackmailing a sensitive conversations, and enforcing none disclosure agreements. In cases of prisoners and hostages, high end versions of these devices and can also be used to block Net access in general. Such devices can also be password encoded so that if the device is forcibly removed it can fry the person’s Netsert.

Neural Connection (NC) Chip

June 11, 2013


Neural Connection or NC chips, are a basic model of brain implant that allows users to wirelessly send and receive information off the HyperNet and directly into their brains. Allowing people to use their minds to interface with the Net.

Private Net

June 10, 2013

A small-scale wireless network, generated to be independent of the HyperNet. There are several reasons for users to create a local net. A corporation may want to keep files secure from hackers by not putting them on the greater Net and having to rely on a firewall, but still let authorized personnel wirelessly access the information within the building. Or a ship will generally have an internal network so if they pass outside of HyperNet range, the crew will still have access to ship files and systems.

Individuals wishing to exchange secure information, or cut off from both the HyperNet and their ship can create a network between their companions by linking their NC chips.