New York Comic Con 2013

October 16, 2013

The Cold Blooded News

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be occasionally posting news articles that are outside of the Reptilia Droc, but still pertain to reptiles, science fiction, or comics. I may be doing a little more or that on my facebook page in the future, as I am wary of Facebook’s new “we own anything you post” rule, and am having second thoughts about posting my artwork there in the future.

But I digress. Today I wanted to share the experience at  New York Comic Con this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of exercise working my way around the absolutely enormous convention center. It was my first time, and a huge leap to the relatively modest Philadelphia Wizard World that I’m used. I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con, so this biggest event I have as a frame of reference.

I didn’t get to too many pannels as the crowds to get in we’re pretty thick, and I was only there Saturday, this trip being sort of a test run. But I enjoyed walking around the show room, and seeing all the wild cosplays.

Looking forward to going back next year. Hopefully within the next year or 2 the Droc will be ready and I can get a spot in Artist Alley.

Reptiland 2013

October 1, 2013

The Cold Blooded News

Here’s a few photos from my recent trip to Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, located in Allenwood Pa (

A fun, modest-sized zoo focusing primarily on modern day reptiles, along with animatronic dinosaurs, and a Butterfly garden for variety. I like to visit this park periodically anyway, to show my support of reptiles. But this visit was specifically to see the park’s recent addition, Island Giants, the Komodo Dragon display.

Enjoy the picture’s, and I highly recommend stopping if your in the area.


New Droc Insignia

November 5, 2012


I recently did a re-designed  for the Reptilia Droc insignia. Last year I had re-designed the Droc title font to give it a more elegant steel design. I later decided it was time to updated the insignia to match the same style. I changed the so that it still resembled a reptilia eye, but gave more flow to the line work.

The insignia, while intimidating, I felt looked more primative, more tribal. I wanted a design the was intimidating, but also represented the Droc’s intelligence and culture. The hints of their culture can be seen in the open ring that is present in a great deal of Droc architecture and ship design. As well as the hieroglyphics along the bottom sides marking the twelve worlds that founded the Droc Empire.

Phase 3 title and insignia

For comparison, here the older version of the Droc title font and insignia. In this version I went for a holographic style to represent the Droc’s technology.

Phase 2 title and insignia

Scavenger – back cover

December 12, 2011


As I’m working on my new short story, “Scavenger”, I thought I would post an image of the back cover I designed. It will be an illustrated story, but I plan on printing it in comic book dimensions. The three images towards the bottom are stand ins, but this is the over all look.

Scavenger Cover

November 27, 2011


Cover idea for my upcoming illustrated novelette, “Scavenger”. Preview of chapter 1 available on the Stories Page.




Volume 1

October 25, 2011


I chose the story I plan to flush out into the first volume of the Reptilia Droc series. Scavenger, which is a short stories I wrote and involves characters on the outside of the conflict between the Droc and the Corporations, which will make this a good introduction into the Droc universe.

Here’s the synopsis:

An engineer who ruined his reputation with the massive Coiypax Corporation, Derric Lorne is desperate to start a new life. He’s about to catch a shuttle off-world when a beautiful pilot, Ellie, tries to recruit him for a salvaging operation in the Outer Territories. Derric is not thrilled at the mention of this lawless region of space, or the unusual goal of retrieving Reptilia Droc technology. After all, what could be gained from a species of reclusive savages? However, when Ellie tempts him with scans of an advanced, alien warship, Derric surrenders to curiosity and ambition.

Adventure soon gives way to fear, as the crew is relentlessly threatened by the hostile factions stalking the void. Meanwhile, the growing path of destruction left by the Reptilia Droc will call into question everything Derric previously believed about the Galactic Corporations. As Derric draws closer to the truth, he will find his courage, and ingenuity,put to the ultimate test.

Image Gallery

September 28, 2011

I recently added an images page to the site. It includes galleries for the Reptilia Droc, Corporations, and the Korb.

It features finished illustrations as well as concept art of characters, ships and creatures.

Click here to visit.

Illustrated Novel

September 25, 2011


I bounced around several ideas for would the best format to present the story of the Reptilia Droc. Is previous iterations I’ve considered doing comic books, but felt I would have to restrict the narrative in order to illustrate it panel by panel.



Then I became heavily by an illustrated story called “The Plucker” by the artist Brom. This Book combines beautiful illustrations with a written out narrative. This gave me the idea to write out the Droc as a novel, and enhance it by illustrating key scenes for emphasis.




Reptilia Croc

September 6, 2011

The Cold Blooded News

Reptilia Droc soldier in the Philippines!
No not really, but this giant crocodile could pass for one. My Dad sent me a news story about a 21 foot crocodile captured alive in the Philippines.

Residents look at a 21-feet (6.4 metres) saltwater crocodile, which is suspected of having attacked several people, after it was caught in Nueva Era in Bunawan town, Agusan del Sur, southern Philippines September 4, 2011. The crocodile captured on Sunday evening weighing one ton, and is the largest crocodile caught in the country to date, according to the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. Picture taken September 4, 2011. … more

Just thought I’d add some regular reptile news. Pretty rare to see a croc that big these days. Really happy they decide to capture him alive.

Story update:

Sadly I learned this incredible creature died a short time after capture. It sounds like a combination of the animal not being able to adjust to captivity, with severely inadequate housing conditions.

It’s a real shame. While alligators and crocodiles are populations are bouncing back in many parts of the world, there aren’t many of these truly huge specimens left in the wild. The larger Crocs are a prime target for hunting, and are usually put down when captured in populated area.

Rest in peace big guy.