December 6, 2015

Class: Beta
First Appearance: “Scavenger

The Kildathie are a sentient species from the planet Kildath, in the Outer Territories. Amphibious in nature, the Kildathie can operate in dry environments for up to twelve hours, after which they most re-moisturize their skin.

At night the Kildathie sleep submerged in water, and own their planet, have entire cities constructed under the water.

Kildathie Guard_Chris Trefz_Reptilia Droc
Kildathie Republic Guard



June 10, 2015

First Appearance: Survivor

Located in the Outer Territories, Arris is the fourth planet in its system. It is an uninhabited world covered predominantly swamp and marsh land. The planet was in the process of being surveyed by the Destonnie Corporation, in hopes of replenishing their dwindling resources. However, the operation was put on hold after the surveying team suffered severe casualties, in an incident involving the Reptilia Droc.


Dompaka Space Pirates

February 22, 2015

The Dompaka are the largest and most feared of the space pirate clans operating in the Outer Territories. The pirates are a diverse group, assimilating members from every species around the galaxy, the only real requirement of joining is a sufficiently ruthless nature. Rather then using corporate basic, they have their own language pieced together from the various pre-corporate languages of it’s members.


The pirates have been known for both scavenging broken down ships, as well as setting up traps to ambush ships traveling along the space lanes. They prefer to attack freighters and sell it’s cargo, but they will also attack passenger ships to rob those aboard.


The pirates have an infamous reputation for rapping and murdering those they attack, and rarely leave survivors. With Reptilia Droc attacks on Corporate colonies on the rise, the pirates have have been quick to scavenge the ruins.

Captain Udal

May 25, 2014

Udal is the captain of a frigate in the Kildathie navy. In charge of  the patrolling the Republic’s boarder, Udal is known for boarding and harassing ships even traveling beyond his territory.  With little to no space-way regulation in the Outer Territories, Udal often threatens impoundment and arrest to force bribe money out of lone freighters.

Captain Udal_Reptilia Droc_Chris Trefz

Captain Udal

Kildathie Battle Frigate

April 10, 2014

A light class battle frigate, at about 250 feet in length.

This a relic from a long discontinued corporate line, is commonly used by the Kildathie republic as a patrol ship.

While it may be covered in scratches and patch jobs, it still has enough gun turrets and torpedo launchers to mean business.


Kildathie-3-view-blue-print_chris trefz_Reptilia Droc

top, side, and front view

Chapter 1 - pg10_med

The Pathfinder using a tractor beam to ram a frieghter into the Kildathie patrol ship 

The Kildathe Republic

April 2, 2014

The Kildathe Republic is a minor military dictatorship controlling four star systems in the Outer Territories. A General named Sagoal took control of the Kildathe system though a coupe, and expanded their territory to include the 3 neighboring unpopulated systems.

Sagoal uses propaganda about the evils of Conglomerate culture, invented rumors of corporate invasion, and a fleet of generations old battle ships to rule his people with an iron fist.

Kildathie Guard_Chris Trefz_Reptilia Droc
Kildathie Republic Guard