Kon’ja Throwing Blade

April 17, 2016

The Kon’ja is a retractable throwing weapon used by the Droc. Carried on the armor as small disc, 4 inches in diameter, pressing the center button activates the weapon, producing three blades.

Like other Droc blades, they use vibration technology for incredible cutting power. Along with magnetic repulsion for perpetual spin, and a neural connection up link that allows the Droc to change the weapon’s flight path mid throw. These features make the Kon’ja ideal for the Droc’s preferred style of stealth based kills.

throwing blade

Ring Blade

January 22, 2015

Droc ring blade, a circular weapon lined with crystalline teeth, which vibrate to create a buzzsaw like effect, capable of easily cutting through heavy armor.

Usually wielded in pairs by Chameleons, they double as effective throwing weapons.


Quan Sword

January 20, 2015

Quan sword is a curved, weapon commonly used by Reptilia Droc unit commanders. The blades are lined with crystalline teeth, which vibrate to create a buzz-saw like effect, capable of easily cutting through heavy armor.

Quan Blade


June 25, 2014

Species: Reptilia Cordotta
Common name: Draco
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Caste: Warrior

Dracos, the Reptilia Droc pilot species, part of the warrior caste. harrier primarily make up the Droc navy, manning their warships, operating gun turrets, and piloting the deadly asp fighters.

Their eyes, which can swivel in any direction, independently of each other, make them very difficult to surprise or elude.


Gen 2 design, based on a Draco flying lizard

Draco have a variety of gear depending on their duty within the Droc navy. The most heavily equip are the asp fighter pilots. They wear variety of electronics that allow them to better sync with their ship.

There has always been some animosity between the harrier and the other warrior caste species. Chameleons and Sprinters don’t consider the harriers to be true warriors, as their battles are fought through piloting ships rather then meeting the enemy face to face.

Gen 1 design was more chameleon based.


May 26, 2014

Octahedron – A 300 foot high, floating weapons platform. Can be dropped from a warship in high orbit. Once it enters the atmosphere, it however about a mile above the ground. It’s equipped with an array of weapons and carries several squads of soldiers and fighters.



March 9, 2014
  • Model: Galaxy-class Battleship
  • Manufacturer: Reptilia Droc Empire
  • Size: 2 miles long
  • First appearance: Scavenger

Marauders carry a fearsome array of weapons including a dozen heavy plasma batteries, torpedos, and a squadron of Asp fighters. A Marauder is protected by powerful shields, and despite being classified a Battleship, it is a large as the most Corporate Destroyers and Warships. Marauders are fully capable of carrying out campaigns on their own, but in larger confrontations usually act as support ships for the even large and more dangerous Dominators.

When Derric Lorne and crew of the Pathfinder travel to the planet Sardonna in search of Droc technology, they discovery a Marauder that was damaged in the battle with the Coiypax corporation. The Battleship had crashed to the surface of Sardonna but remained largely intact.

Marauder top view color

G2 Marauder design – top view


The Great War

December 28, 2013

The galaxy wide conflict with the Reptilia Droc was known as the Great War. It resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin Empire 900 years ago, and made way for the rise of the Conglomerate States.

Afterwards the Droc returned behind their own border and have remained in total isolation until recent skirmishes over worlds in the Outer Territories.

In commonly accepted Corporate history, the war was described as a draw. The Wei’quin having successfully pushed the barbaric Droc raiders from their borders, but the cost still great enough that it resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin.

The power behind the Droc’s attack is attributed to overwhelming numbers rather than advanced technology. Old rivals would also explain the great loses by accusing one another of fleeing during key battles, and aiding the enemy exchange for the promise of power after the conclusion of the war.

Droc Long Sword

November 10, 2013

Long swordThe Reptilia warrior caste have a host of custom weapons in addition to their standard gear, depending on their preferred fighting style. Among these weapons is the long sword, which is a vibrating blade with the same incredible cutting power as the standard Syph blade, allowing is to slice through armor with ease.

The long sword extended blades allow for greater reach. The longer handle allows for stronger two handed strikes, although the blade is sometimes dual wielded.

Hunter Drone

October 25, 2013

The Hunter drone is a powerful war-bot created for search and destroy missions by the Reptilia Droc. While the Droc prefer not to put too much reliance on machines, they have insufficient numbers to guard the vast territory they have placed under conservation. This has led to a number of automated offensive and defensive weapons including the Hunter.

The Hunter silently seeks out targets and eliminates them with an array of weaponry. Interestingly the Droc have programed their machines with the same sense of honor and need for challenge that drives the warrior caste. If it encounters an unarmed opponent, it will attack with blades rather then firepower.


Sketch of Hunter in combat formation


The Hunter is 18 feet long, and 7 feet tall when reared up in it’s attack formation. Heavily armored with a molecular engineered alloyed, specially designed to be strong but lightweight. When attacking it extends a cobra-like hood for intimidation. It also has four retractable arms built into the side of it’s torso. The larger, primary arms are for climbing, and combat, armed with a pair of plasma guns, and double pronged blades, similar to a Chameleon’s Scyph blade. The smaller secondary arms are designed for more subtle manipulation work like  accessing machinery. The Hunter also has a larger, double barrel plasma cannon on it’s back, based on a sprinter’s weapon.

The Hunter is also equipped with a double pronged blade on the end of it’s tail. As well as a pair of rail-guns, which use magnetic coils to launch a pair of high speed disc-blades capable of slicing walls and armor with ease.


Hunter in Slither configuration

The Hunter’s body is a long snake-like coil, allowing for a fast and silent serpentine locomotion. It’s slithering speed is increased by a series of anti-grav repulsors lining it’s segmented body. This allows the Hunter to stalk silently, and strike with lightning speed. The Hunter will retract it’s arms and hood for more streamline speed when stalking.

The Hunter is equipped with numerous scanners for tracking, and will share an uplink with smaller eel probes, to cover more ground during a hunt.

Droc Leader Caste

October 4, 2013

Historical records of the Wei’Quin empire indicate that the Reptilia Droc are ruled by a leader caste, made up of a single species. The Overseers with their colorful frills mange both the warrior and worker castes. While the Empire itself is Governed by a council of of fifty Overseers, with a single individual acting as Emperor.