August 20, 2013

Species: Reptilia Sprinter
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Warrior caste

Sprinters are one of three sub species making up the fearsome Reptilia Warrior caste. Sprinters are used to dominated the battlefield on the ground, along with the Chameleons and the second of two species used in ground combat. The other being the chameleons.

Physical Characteristic:
While Chameleons use their camouflage to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, Sprinters uses the strength and speed of their bulkier, four-legged bodies to charge in and pounce on targets before they can react. They are capable of running up to 50 miles per hour over a short distance. As well as leaping great distances and walking on their hind legs when necessary.

Other physical characteristics include bone-crushing jaws, razor-sharp claws, thick scaly hide, and a long muscular tail. It’s striking black and orange coloration is warning sign that the Sprinter packs a powerful venom that in Betas can causes paralysis  within seconds, and death shortly after. Alpha species prove more resilient to the venom, but can still cause severe disorientation. Sprinter venom also becomes acidic when exposed to air, allowing them to spit at oppents with deadly results.


G2 design, inspired by a Komodo Dragon, Gila Monster, and dimetrodon


Standard issue gear for Sprinter’s includes high impact armor with on-board computer. A rotating, twin barreled plasma gun mounted on their back plating. A shield generator and retractable blades from forearm plating.

 G1 design, crocodile inspired

Droc Combat Armor

June 27, 2013

Reptilia Droc combat armor light weight and incredibly strong, made from an alloy manipulated on the molecular level for the best possible attributes. The armor is highly decorated to celebrate the glory and status of the warrior caste. marking can vary based on the soldier’s rank, unit, and family. There are three variations to accommodate the strengths of each of the warrior cast species, the chameleon, sprinters, and harriers.

The Chameleon armor, comes equipped with a shield generator and plasma weapon inside of each forearm piece. These devices are controlled mentally by the Droc via their Netsert implants. A pair of vibrating scyph blades which can be holstered on the upper leg plating, using magnetic grips. Bicep armor can used to display rank colors as well as holster explosive throwing knives. while compartments above the shoulders can store rations, medical supplies, and grenades. The back piece has component for regulating body temperature, and important for the cold blooded Droc. Additional storage units can be attached to the back plating as well for longer field missions.

chameleon G2 Armor Design - Reptilia Droc
Above: Chameleon in G2 Armor design

 Armor for the sprinters and harriers vary slightly. The sprinter armor is built to accommodate their mostly four-legged gait. The spinter’s plasma weapon and shield generator are built into the back plating as to be hands free. Where as their syphe blade is built into their forearm plating and designed to be retractable.


Aspris arm unit – the forearm plating equipped
with a shield generator and plasma weapons

The harriers armor on the other hand is designed to aid in fighter piloting and vacuum protection in the event ejection or haul breach.


Scyph blade magnetically holstered to thigh armor plating.


Above: chameleon with G1 armor


April 25, 2013

Species: Reptilia Chameleon
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Warrior caste

Chameleons are part of the fearsome Reptilia Droc Warrior caste. They are the teeth and claws of the Droc military, along with the sprinter and raptor species.

Chameleons have bone-crushing jaws, piercing tusks, and a powerful muscular tail. As well as a thick scaly hide, and bony back plates running the length of their back.

The most unique aspect of the chameleon species is its ability to camouflage its skin to blend with its surroundings, allowing them to ambush their prey.

Reptilia Chameleon
Above: Chameleon without armor

In addition to their natural abilities, chameleon soldiers are armed with grenades, a pair of wrist mounted plasma weapons, and double bladed knives called a Scyph. They are protected by strong, light weight combat armor, and a portal shield generator.  Some chameleons will carry personalized weapons, such as throwing knives, swords, and serrated whips.



April 5, 2013

Species: Reptilia Varani
Common name: Overseer
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Leader caste

Varani are one of several sub species making up the Reptilia Droc. Varani are one of two species forming the leader caste.

Varani stand around six and half feet tall, with sharp talons and teeth. They use their fiery crests as a display to assert dominance over the worker and warriors castes. And will flatten their crests as a sign or submission and respect to leader castes of higher rank.

Reptilia Droc normally show little interest in material treasures. But Varani are know for their vanity and will often wear gold and jewelry to enhance their regal image.

Reptilia Varani - part of the leader caste

G2 Design (click for larger)

G1 Design


March 10, 2013
Species: Guandii
Comon name: Dewlap
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc
Caste: Worker

Dewlaps are one of the many sub species of the Reptilia Droc.
They average around six feet tall and possess sharp teeth and claws. The crest on their head and throat are used for attracting a mate and intimidating enemies..

Dewlaps are a member of the worker caste. They specialize in non-combat piloting, production, security, and other more technical tasks.


Dewlap - med

G2 concept art (click for lager image)


G1 concept art (click for lager image)


Worker Caste

March 6, 2013

The Worker caste is the Droc empire’s labor force, made up of various species.

Known species include:

  • The Dewlap
  • The Horned Worker
  • The Que’Quey

Horned Worker

February 9, 2013

Species: Reptilia Pogana
Common name: Horned Worker
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc
Caste: Worker

Poganas are one of the many sub species of the Reptilia Droc. They average around five feet tall and possess sharp teeth, claws, and spiny skin. pogonas prefer arid climates, their work and living area are built intense lights and sand covered floors.

Pogonas are a member of the worker caste. A tough and hardy species, they mostly specialize in physical labor. They mostly found on Droc civilian ships and Outposts, but will occasionally serve as support personnel on military installations.


Horned Worker
G2 Design
G1 Design


Scyph blade

August 23, 2012

The Syph is a foot long weapon with twin blades. They are most frequently wielded by Reptilia Chameleons of the warrior caste.

Droc weapons differ greatly from the industrial, pragmatic weapons of Corporate soldiers. For the Droc, war is an art form, so in turn their weapons are designed with highest level of craft.


G2 Design

The blades are engraved with passages from the warrior caste charter. The open ring, found often in Droc architecture and ship design is thought to have religious significance. While the glowing gem is the power source for the blade’s vibration generator, which allows it to slice through flesh and even heavy armor with ease.

G1 Design

The Outer Territories

June 9, 2012

The Outer Territories are made up of the unsettled regions of space surrounding the Conglomerate State. Free of Conglomerate law, it has long been a haven for pursued criminal and political radicals who the Corporations wish silence. But for many it’s considered a haven of last resort, even a death sentence.

Outside of Corporate military enforcement, the region is host to pirates, outlaws, and militias. The Reptilia Droc, who’s territory lies on the edge of the Southern quadrant, frequently patrol sections of this outlying region with with massive warships. It’s unknown who or what they are searching for. Recently reports have have come in of an unidentified insect race launching raids against convoys and settlements.



Also living among the these dangerous elements are colonies of humans who choose to remain there while the great human migration passed through on their way to the Conglomerate States.

But the biggest change in the Outer Territories has been the resource depleted Corporations turning their gaze towards the regions largely untapped worlds. The Corporations have been sending out hundreds of surveying teams, and gearing up for colonies and trade roots.

But all of this activity has not gone unnoticed by the regions inhabitants, and even with the heavy military presence assigned to protect Corporate interests can  become out matched.

Droc Cruiser

May 2, 2012

Model: Rigd’cal Mid-class cargo freighter
Manufacturer: Reptilia Droc Empire
Size: 900 hundred feet long

Ridg’cal cruisers are used by the Droc for transporting non-military personel and cargo. They carry light defensive armament for solo operations outside of Droc territory. But these vessels are usually found in large convoys, accompanied by support ships like Marauders.