Asp fighters

January 20, 2012

Model: strike-class starfighter
Manufacturer: Reptilia Droc Empire
Size: 25 foot wing span
First appearance: Scavenger

Asp fighters, small one one-man craft used by the Reptilia Droc. They’re fast and maueverable, with strong shields and an array of weapons including dual plasma canons and a payload of eight torpedoes. Defensive weapons include CCB’s, Counter Concussion Bombs. These small explosive devices can be ejected from behind when being pursued by an enemy fighter. Magnetic cuplinks help the bomb to lock onto  it’s target and explode with enough force to destroy or disable the pursuer.

These ships fly with wings vertically oriented, but when coming in for a landing turn sideways, the cockpit rotating proportionately with the ship. It’s most unique feature is its use a force field rather then steel or glass to enclose the ship’s cockpit.

Above: The G1 Asp series

Asps are hyperspace capable, allowing them to travel great distances without of a carrier or other support ships. Their stealthy design compliment of torpedos make them very effect in solo attack missions. However Asps are more commonly used as support for larger Marauders and Dominators.

Above: The modern G2 Asp fighter


Reptilia Dominator

September 2, 2011
  • Model: Galaxy-class Warship
  • Manufacturer: Reptilia Droc Empire
  • Size: 5 miles long
  • First appearance: Scavenger

The Dominator is five mile long warship making up the spear front of the Reptilia Droc fleet. It’s equiped with over a hundred heavy plasma turrets spread over the length of the ship, including it’s eight spires. This allows the Dominator fire on multiple targets in any direction simultaneously. It’s protected by powerful shields and thick armor plating made from a super strong alloy of metals unique to Droc Territoy.

All these traits make the Dominator a formidable warship, but it’s greatest advantage is the Solaris canon. A wave of charged particles that fires from the blue crystal tip of the vessel. The Solaris particle are able to pass through a ship’s shields, and upon hitting the solid matter of a hull, causes it’s atoms to fission and explode. Instantly destroying its target. It takes five minutes for a Dominator’s reactor to recharge the Solaris canon’s battery after discharge. However a even a small battalion of Dominator firing together in a tactical line can devastate an enemy fleet in moments.

The Solaris Canon can be focused into a small burst to cause maximum damage to a single target at long distance, or fire in a short-range wave to savage multiple targets. While Droc warrior caste rule the ground with their strength and skill, they rule the skies with the Dominator.


Dominator G2 Design


Fully rendered G1 Dominator


New Wallpaper

August 27, 2011

New Reptilia Droc wallpaper available for download. Now you too can have a big reptilian eyeball watch your every move.


Click image above to open and save at full size, 1024 x 768.


Qui Quey

July 18, 2011
Species: Qui Quey
Class: proto alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc
Caste: Worker

Qui Queys are one of the many sub species of the Reptilia Droc. Standing at a mere foot tall, they are the smallest of the Droc races. They process sharp teeth and claws, but are quick to retreat, and generally considered harmless compared to larger species like Chameleons and Sprinters.
Qui Queys are a member of the worker caste. They are intelligent, and their small, slender fingers are ideal for working on machinery and electronics.
Qui’Queys differ from other Reptilia Droc species in that they are Beta. A rare example of the Droc working with a species outside of the Droc race. It is also thought to be the missing link between Betas and Alphas. Qui’Queys possess brains capable of higher level learning while maintaining a body type and specialization more common to the animal kingdom. But lack the size enhanced physical strengths to categorized as Alphas.



July 13, 2011

Sex: Male
Species: Reptilia Chameleon
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Warrior caste
First Appearance: Scavenger


Thryce is a Chameleon, one of six known Reptilia’Droc species. Chameleons, like all Reptilia species, are Alpha class. They possess physical strength, speed, and agility even beyond that of most other Alpha races. Common Reptilia traits include a long forked tongue which allows them to “taste” the air, and do a detailed chemical analysis of their surrounding. They also have superior night vision, and crocodilian jaws that can break bones, or tear through metal.

Other traits specific to Chameleons: the ability to change the color of their skin, and blend in with their surroundings. This ability is similar to the chameleons of earth, but refined to an even greater extent. Chameleons also posses superior agility, which allows them to have a unique fighting style of leaping, kicking, and flipping.

As a Chameleon, Thryce was raised as member of the warrior caste, trained to fight for and protect the Reptilia’Droc Empire. Thryce’s skills in combat and head for strategy have made him the leader of his squad, “The Reapers”. But Thryce craves for more than the life of an ordinary soldier, and often acts brashly and disobeys orders in the name of glory. His ambition is frowned upon by his superiors, who feel that serving the empire should be reward enough, and see personal desire and pride as flaws of the corporate races.

The Reptilia Droc

October 16, 2010

Shrouded in mystery, little is know about the Reptilia Droc, except that they are technologically advanced and capable of vicious acts.


The first recorded encounter with the Reptilia Droc took place 800 years prior to the event of “Scavenger”. When the territory now under the Conglomerate States were ruled by the Weiquien empire. Most of the records of this time period have been lost or destroyed, but it is known that relations between the Weiquin and the Reptilia Droc deteriorated to the point of a galactic wide war. A war the Reptilia Droc won, and reshaped the galaxy.

Physical characteristics:
As their name implies, the Droc are a reptilian species. Classified as Alphas, they posses sentient intelligence, mixed with animal strength and senses, creating a potent mix.
There are several species making up Droc society, they vary greatly in size and shape. They live by a class system, their role in society decided by their species.