Korb Parasite

May 24, 2013

Species: Neuro Parasite
Class: Delta
Affiliation: The Korb

The Korb Neuro Parasite, also called a Blood Worm is a foot and a half long centipede-like creature genetically engineered by the Korb. It scours battlefields after the carnage of the first wave, looking for fresh corpses to uses as hosts. Once a host is found the Parasite bores into the victim’s back and embeds itself to the spine. It then uses specialized appendages to hardwire into the corpse’s nervous system, giving  it the ablility to drive the deceased body like a zombie.

The host bodies do not retain any cognitive abilities, and the Parasites themselves are only given limited intelligence and connection to the Korb Hive-mind. This leaves infested hosts with a very  limited ability to complete complex actions, and are usually driven with the single goal of creating more corpses for infestation.

Signs that someone has become infested include inability of speech, uncoordinated movements, discolored skin and viens. Most obvious signs are black segmented protrusions along the spine, and in advanced stages of infection the host will manifest physical mutations such as spikes, feelers, mandibles or insectoid atributes.

Normal combat tactics such as fire on center mass will not work against infested hosts, as they do not feel pain and are already dead. To stop the host, the controlling parasite must be destroyed, or the host must be damaged beyond the ability to move. While slow and uncoordinated, hosts are considered a medium level threat. Like their insect controllers they prefer to cluster in larger numbers, and are capable of wielding gun and melee weapons with limited accuracy.

While parasites are primarily scavenger’s, infesting dead hosts, they will seek out and attack a living host if unconscious or badly injured.

Korb Parasite_med

Parasite and Infested Host (click for Larger view)

The Outer Territories

June 9, 2012

The Outer Territories are made up of the unsettled regions of space surrounding the Conglomerate State. Free of Conglomerate law, it has long been a haven for pursued criminal and political radicals who the Corporations wish silence. But for many it’s considered a haven of last resort, even a death sentence.

Outside of Corporate military enforcement, the region is host to pirates, outlaws, and militias. The Reptilia Droc, who’s territory lies on the edge of the Southern quadrant, frequently patrol sections of this outlying region with with massive warships. It’s unknown who or what they are searching for. Recently reports have have come in of an unidentified insect race launching raids against convoys and settlements.



Also living among the these dangerous elements are colonies of humans who choose to remain there while the great human migration passed through on their way to the Conglomerate States.

But the biggest change in the Outer Territories has been the resource depleted Corporations turning their gaze towards the regions largely untapped worlds. The Corporations have been sending out hundreds of surveying teams, and gearing up for colonies and trade roots.

But all of this activity has not gone unnoticed by the regions inhabitants, and even with the heavy military presence assigned to protect Corporate interests can  become out matched.

Korb Stinger

May 15, 2011

Stinger are small fighter class ships employeed by the Korb. A single Stringer by itself is little threat, it possess no shields, hyperdrive, or plasma torpedoes. Howerever Stringers are carried into battle by the thousands and deployed by large carrier craft. Swarming their targets, they overpower them by shear numbers.


Korb Drones

April 9, 2011

“The black shelled nightmares reached for him with chitinous claws, shrieking their terrible chorus.”
Here are a few examples of the many types of drones the Korb genetically engineer to fill their monstrous ranks.

The crab drone (left) and cleaver drone (right), both types specialize in close quarter melee combat. They usually ambush their victims. If necessary, their exoskeleton armor allows them to absorb a great deal of damage while they close in on a target.

The Sting drone is about 14 feet long. It can tuck in it’s limbs and use its long tail to slither across rough terrain like a snake.
It can also use its powerful hind legs to leap and attack a target with it’s venomous stinger and pinchers. It’s tail is equipped with a bio-graphed plasma weapon for range attacks.

The assault drone has vicious claws, a thick armored exoskeleton, and a pair of medium powered plasma weapons growing directly from it’s back.


The Korb

November 24, 2010

The Korb are new comers to the Nexis galaxy. A nomadic race, their entire civilization is migrating like a swarm of locusts from exhausted feeding grounds.

The Korb were first encountered one year prior to the events of the story. They appeared along the Outer Rim territories separating the Conglomerate States and the Reptilia Droc empire. The Korb started out attacking Corporate freighters and Droc patrol ships. The scavenged the cargos and vessels for resources and technology, and devoured the crews for food.
Both the Corporations and the Droc attempted to hunt down the raiders, but they used long range ship that would disappear in the surrounding uncharted space.
Since their arrival the Korb have increase the scale and frequency of their attacks. They also demonstrated they have larger ships and greater numbers then first estimated.
Species characteristics:
An insectoid race, the Korb operate as a hive collective. Like the Droc, they are classified as Alphas and posses exceptional strength and speed. But craving more then their natural abilities, the Korb have turned to genetic engineering to mold their species into their own gruesome vision of perfection.
Korb society is made up of hundreds of different sub species, but the most commonly encountered are the fierce warrior drones. Ranging in variety of terrible shape and sizes, each drone species is tailored for a unique and dangerous fighting style. More about warrior drones here.