Droc Combat Armor

June 27, 2013

Reptilia Droc combat armor light weight and incredibly strong, made from an alloy manipulated on the molecular level for the best possible attributes. The armor is highly decorated to celebrate the glory and status of the warrior caste. marking can vary based on the soldier’s rank, unit, and family. There are three variations to accommodate the strengths of each of the warrior cast species, the chameleon, sprinters, and harriers.

The Chameleon armor, comes equipped with a shield generator and plasma weapon inside of each forearm piece. These devices are controlled mentally by the Droc via their Netsert implants. A pair of vibrating scyph blades which can be holstered on the upper leg plating, using magnetic grips. Bicep armor can used to display rank colors as well as holster explosive throwing knives. while compartments above the shoulders can store rations, medical supplies, and grenades. The back piece has component for regulating body temperature, and important for the cold blooded Droc. Additional storage units can be attached to the back plating as well for longer field missions.

chameleon G2 Armor Design - Reptilia Droc
Above: Chameleon in G2 Armor design

 Armor for the sprinters and harriers vary slightly. The sprinter armor is built to accommodate their mostly four-legged gait. The spinter’s plasma weapon and shield generator are built into the back plating as to be hands free. Where as their syphe blade is built into their forearm plating and designed to be retractable.


Aspris arm unit – the forearm plating equipped
with a shield generator and plasma weapons

The harriers armor on the other hand is designed to aid in fighter piloting and vacuum protection in the event ejection or haul breach.


Scyph blade magnetically holstered to thigh armor plating.


Above: chameleon with G1 armor