The Great War

December 28, 2013

The galaxy wide conflict with the Reptilia Droc was known as the Great War. It resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin Empire 900 years ago, and made way for the rise of the Conglomerate States.

Afterwards the Droc returned behind their own border and have remained in total isolation until recent skirmishes over worlds in the Outer Territories.

In commonly accepted Corporate history, the war was described as a draw. The Wei’quin having successfully pushed the barbaric Droc raiders from their borders, but the cost still great enough that it resulted in the fall of the Wei’quin.

The power behind the Droc’s attack is attributed to overwhelming numbers rather than advanced technology. Old rivals would also explain the great loses by accusing one another of fleeing during key battles, and aiding the enemy exchange for the promise of power after the conclusion of the war.