Hunter Drone

October 25, 2013

The Hunter drone is a powerful war-bot created for search and destroy missions by the Reptilia Droc. While the Droc prefer not to put too much reliance on machines, they have insufficient numbers to guard the vast territory they have placed under conservation. This has led to a number of automated offensive and defensive weapons including the Hunter.

The Hunter silently seeks out targets and eliminates them with an array of weaponry. Interestingly the Droc have programed their machines with the same sense of honor and need for challenge that drives the warrior caste. If it encounters an unarmed opponent, it will attack with blades rather then firepower.


Sketch of Hunter in combat formation


The Hunter is 18 feet long, and 7 feet tall when reared up in it’s attack formation. Heavily armored with a molecular engineered alloyed, specially designed to be strong but lightweight. When attacking it extends a cobra-like hood for intimidation. It also has four retractable arms built into the side of it’s torso. The larger, primary arms are for climbing, and combat, armed with a pair of plasma guns, and double pronged blades, similar to a Chameleon’s Scyph blade. The smaller secondary arms are designed for more subtle manipulation work like  accessing machinery. The Hunter also has a larger, double barrel plasma cannon on it’s back, based on a sprinter’s weapon.

The Hunter is also equipped with a double pronged blade on the end of it’s tail. As well as a pair of rail-guns, which use magnetic coils to launch a pair of high speed disc-blades capable of slicing walls and armor with ease.


Hunter in Slither configuration

The Hunter’s body is a long snake-like coil, allowing for a fast and silent serpentine locomotion. It’s slithering speed is increased by a series of anti-grav repulsors lining it’s segmented body. This allows the Hunter to stalk silently, and strike with lightning speed. The Hunter will retract it’s arms and hood for more streamline speed when stalking.

The Hunter is equipped with numerous scanners for tracking, and will share an uplink with smaller eel probes, to cover more ground during a hunt.