Korb Drones

April 9, 2011

“The black shelled nightmares reached for him with chitinous claws, shrieking their terrible chorus.”
Here are a few examples of the many types of drones the Korb genetically engineer to fill their monstrous ranks.

The crab drone (left) and cleaver drone (right), both types specialize in close quarter melee combat. They usually ambush their victims. If necessary, their exoskeleton armor allows them to absorb a great deal of damage while they close in on a target.

The Sting drone is about 14 feet long. It can tuck in it’s limbs and use its long tail to slither across rough terrain like a snake.
It can also use its powerful hind legs to leap and attack a target with it’s venomous stinger and pinchers. It’s tail is equipped with a bio-graphed plasma weapon for range attacks.

The assault drone has vicious claws, a thick armored exoskeleton, and a pair of medium powered plasma weapons growing directly from it’s back.