Korb Parasite

May 24, 2013

Species: Neuro Parasite
Class: Delta
Affiliation: The Korb

The Korb Neuro Parasite, also called a Blood Worm is a foot and a half long centipede-like creature genetically engineered by the Korb. It scours battlefields after the carnage of the first wave, looking for fresh corpses to uses as hosts. Once a host is found the Parasite bores into the victim’s back and embeds itself to the spine. It then uses specialized appendages to hardwire into the corpse’s nervous system, giving  it the ablility to drive the deceased body like a zombie.

The host bodies do not retain any cognitive abilities, and the Parasites themselves are only given limited intelligence and connection to the Korb Hive-mind. This leaves infested hosts with a very  limited ability to complete complex actions, and are usually driven with the single goal of creating more corpses for infestation.

Signs that someone has become infested include inability of speech, uncoordinated movements, discolored skin and viens. Most obvious signs are black segmented protrusions along the spine, and in advanced stages of infection the host will manifest physical mutations such as spikes, feelers, mandibles or insectoid atributes.

Normal combat tactics such as fire on center mass will not work against infested hosts, as they do not feel pain and are already dead. To stop the host, the controlling parasite must be destroyed, or the host must be damaged beyond the ability to move. While slow and uncoordinated, hosts are considered a medium level threat. Like their insect controllers they prefer to cluster in larger numbers, and are capable of wielding gun and melee weapons with limited accuracy.

While parasites are primarily scavenger’s, infesting dead hosts, they will seek out and attack a living host if unconscious or badly injured.

Korb Parasite_med

Parasite and Infested Host (click for Larger view)