March 9, 2014
  • Model: Galaxy-class Battleship
  • Manufacturer: Reptilia Droc Empire
  • Size: 2 miles long
  • First appearance: Scavenger

Marauders carry a fearsome array of weapons including a dozen heavy plasma batteries, torpedos, and a squadron of Asp fighters. A Marauder is protected by powerful shields, and despite being classified a Battleship, it is a large as the most Corporate Destroyers and Warships. Marauders are fully capable of carrying out campaigns on their own, but in larger confrontations usually act as support ships for the even large and more dangerous Dominators.

When Derric Lorne and crew of the Pathfinder travel to the planet Sardonna in search of Droc technology, they discovery a Marauder that was damaged in the battle with the Coiypax corporation. The Battleship had crashed to the surface of Sardonna but remained largely intact.

Marauder top view color

G2 Marauder design – top view