June 25, 2014

Species: Reptilia Cordotta
Common name: Draco
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Caste: Warrior

Dracos, the Reptilia Droc pilot species, part of the warrior caste. harrier primarily make up the Droc navy, manning their warships, operating gun turrets, and piloting the deadly asp fighters.

Their eyes, which can swivel in any direction, independently of each other, make them very difficult to surprise or elude.


Gen 2 design, based on a Draco flying lizard

Draco have a variety of gear depending on their duty within the Droc navy. The most heavily equip are the asp fighter pilots. They wear variety of electronics that allow them to better sync with their ship.

There has always been some animosity between the harrier and the other warrior caste species. Chameleons and Sprinters don’t consider the harriers to be true warriors, as their battles are fought through piloting ships rather then meeting the enemy face to face.

Gen 1 design was more chameleon based.