Qui Quey

July 18, 2011
Species: Qui Quey
Class: proto alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc
Caste: Worker

Qui Queys are one of the many sub species of the Reptilia Droc. Standing at a mere foot tall, they are the smallest of the Droc races. They process sharp teeth and claws, but are quick to retreat, and generally considered harmless compared to larger species like Chameleons and Sprinters.
Qui Queys are a member of the worker caste. They are intelligent, and their small, slender fingers are ideal for working on machinery and electronics.
Qui’Queys differ from other Reptilia Droc species in that they are Beta. A rare example of the Droc working with a species outside of the Droc race. It is also thought to be the missing link between Betas and Alphas. Qui’Queys possess brains capable of higher level learning while maintaining a body type and specialization more common to the animal kingdom. But lack the size enhanced physical strengths to categorized as Alphas.