May 20, 2012

Location: Ruen System, the Outer Territories
Type: Mu-class, stage 1
Affiliation: Settled by the Coiypax Corporation
First appearance: Scavenger

Sardonna is a Mu-class planet, supporting a complex ecosystem of red vegetation, dark blue to black oceans, and glow phosphorescent fungus, and variety of animal life.

Being a planet in Phase 1 stage of development, Sardonna has no native sentient life. However the planet was colonized by the Cioypax corporation. The firm established a large naval post there to protect their investments spread across the Outer Territories.

Planet Sardonna

A distress signal sent from this outpost attracted the attention to Captain Bessourn and the crew of the Pathfinder, in their search for Reptilia Droc technology.