January 5, 2012

Name: Bycus Sauln
Sex: Male
Species: Pleathic
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Engineer

Sauln, the wise cracking, pill popping engineer of the Pathfinder.

“A stout, Pethelisc with a long neck and camel-like face. He certainly knew his stuff… when he was sober. Sauln was fired from the corporations for his part time job as drug dealer. They’re usually pretty soft on drugs, but Sauln wasn’t paying his dues to the supervisor. He also developed a habit of sampling his own product while on duty.
My first day, he fixed me a drink as a friendly welcome aboard gesture. Great, except it was laced with some kind a hallucinogen. For the next few hours I had to endure melting walls, and the crew’s faces having turned into tentacles.”