April 22, 2013
The being known only as Serpris is a feared alpha that sells his skills to highest bidder as a mercenary. He is highly sought after by both corporations and criminal organizations alike. Serpris has reputation for being able to singlehandedly complete the most dangerous missions, regardless of the odds. There are also rumors that he possess unnatural abilities beyond that of any normal alpha, which made him an edge in combat.


G2 Design


Serpris’ true origins are unknown. He first appeared on the galactic scene 8 years before the events of Scavenger, working as an assassin for the Escarabuis Corporation. For 5 of those years he was their number one asset. Since then Serpris has become a free agent and has never taken another job for his former employer. In fact Serpris has made several strikes against Escarabuis, many of them without contract.


Serpris is rarely seen without his flowing trench coat. A utility belt and bandolier loaded with ammunition, grenades, gas bombs, knives, and lock picks, sensor decoys, and infiltration equipment. But the primary weapon in his arsenal are four flying discs called Quelta blades.

The discs are equipped with anti-grav propulsion, lined with a spread of vibrating knives, are heavily armored, and AI guided. The discs hover around Serpris, proving a protect shield against fire, and can slash out against enemies. These weapons were presumably given to Serpris by Escarabuis and created as prototype or from stolen Droc technology. Serpris kept the weapons after splitting from Escarabuis, and uses them to continue to reign as an unstoppable mercenary.

Kana and Serpris (G1 Design)
 Kana and Serpris (G1 Design) working out a shaky truce.



Sepris is coba’len form the planet Ssissoria. As an alpha he possess superior strength and agility. Other traits include slashing claws, a cobra like hood for intimidation and distraction. A muscular tail longer then his own body, capable of breaking bone and crushing metal. Unique to coba’len’s, his retractable fangs are able to deliver a large dose of neurotoxin venom which is lethal to all known species.

G1 Serpris profile pic

G1 Design – Digital

Serpris (G1 design) pencil

G 1 Design – pencil drawing