August 20, 2013

Species: Reptilia Sprinter
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Warrior caste

Sprinters are one of three sub species making up the fearsome Reptilia Warrior caste. Sprinters are used to dominated the battlefield on the ground, along with the Chameleons and the second of two species used in ground combat. The other being the chameleons.

Physical Characteristic:
While Chameleons use their camouflage to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, Sprinters uses the strength and speed of their bulkier, four-legged bodies to charge in and pounce on targets before they can react. They are capable of running up to 50 miles per hour over a short distance. As well as leaping great distances and walking on their hind legs when necessary.

Other physical characteristics include bone-crushing jaws, razor-sharp claws, thick scaly hide, and a long muscular tail. It’s striking black and orange coloration is warning sign that the Sprinter packs a powerful venom that in Betas can causes paralysis  within seconds, and death shortly after. Alpha species prove more resilient to the venom, but can still cause severe disorientation. Sprinter venom also becomes acidic when exposed to air, allowing them to spit at oppents with deadly results.


G2 design, inspired by a Komodo Dragon, Gila Monster, and dimetrodon


Standard issue gear for Sprinter’s includes high impact armor with on-board computer. A rotating, twin barreled plasma gun mounted on their back plating. A shield generator and retractable blades from forearm plating.

 G1 design, crocodile inspired