Early Stories and Canon

September 21, 2015


I recently decided to remove some of my earlier shorts, “The Tombs” and “Over a Meal” from the stories page. They are older entries that don’t reflect my current writing style, and proceed some of my newer ideas like NC chips and OnBoard assistants.

More importantly, the titular Reptilia Droc do not appear in either story. Instead the threat is a hint towards a different opponent. The creatures referenced originally appeared right away in the series, but will instead appear as a future threat.

I may rework theses entries down the line, but for now, I want the stories page to remain focused on the Droc who are still mysterious themselves. But for those who want more adventures set in the Droc universe, the stories are available below.

The Tombs

Engineer, Alec Phirth, requested a transferred to a star-ship in hopes of finding adventure. However, his enthusiasm quickly disappears when Alec is assigned a solitary position among the ship’s dark and aging maintenance level. The situation worsens when he begins to suspect there’s something else stalking the silent halls.


Over A Meal

In deep space, three crew-members narrowly escape the destruction of their ship by a powerful, unknown force. But over a meal, they discover that they aren’t out of danger yet.