Below is list of Reptilia Droc stories, currently available and upcoming.
Illustrated Novels

Volume 1: Scavenger

Derrich Lorn built space freighters on a Corporate shipyard, until selling company equipment on the side landed him in prison. Newly released and in need of work, Derric finds himself on a freelance salvaging crew operating in the dangerous Outer Territories. Their mission, to salvage Reptilia Droc technology from recent battle with the Corpoarations. A mission that could leave them set for life. If they survive it.


Short Stories

Below are additional short stories expanding on the Reptilia Droc universe. The full stories are available for you to read here on the site, or to download as PDF’s.

3. Hide’N’Seek

Katherine Vestan is trying to relax after a stressful day at work, but her difficulties are just beginning when an explosion rocks the city. Was it an accident or a terrorist attack? It’s the least of Katherine’s worries as she realizes her six year old son has snuck off in the chaos. Desperate to find her missing child, Katherine investigates the rundown warehouse across the street, which may not be as abandoned as it looks.


2. Thrill of the Hunt

Wealthy, Corporate Director, Masso Dubar, enjoys hunting exotic animals. For his latest trophy, he is traveling to an out of the way planet called, Amothie, to hunt a rare, and endanger predator. Dubar has every advantage on his side, an experienced guide, a party of bearers, and advanced weapons, but regardless may find himself to be the Hunted.


1. Survivor

Jake Salnen awoke to find himself trapped under a pile of debris. He managed to free himself only to to discover the remote surveying compound where he worked had been attacked, and all his fellow personnel are now missing. Injured and alone, Jake searches the abandoned camp for answers, but may be unprepared for what he’ll find.

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