Sam Vesten

January 7, 2016

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Gender: Male
First Appearance: “Hide ‘N’ Seek

Sam is an energetic six year old boy, and son of Katherine Vesten. The boy has a healthy imagination, curious nature, and a talent for sneaking off in search of adventure. He is also an avid fan of a very popular animated series and toy line, based very loosely on the Reptilia Droc.

When Sam becomes convinced his favorite monsters are skulking around the abandoned warehouse across from his apartment complex, he looks for the first opportunity to investigate. Finally the evening came when Sam caught his napping and got his opportunity.


Katherine Vesten

January 4, 2016

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Gender: Female
First Appearance: “Hide ‘N’ Seek

Katherine is single mother, living with her six year old son, Sam, in the city of Yuhanas Leh. Working long hours as a waitress in a bustling diner, Katherine can only afford a cramp apartment in one of the poorer sections of the city. She had hoped to at least get a unit facing the beautiful lights and architecture of downtown, but to her chagrin got a view of an abandoned warehouse across the street.

Hardships aside, Katherine had her son, who she loved and would do anything for. Although, Sam could be a handful, and keeping up with him after a long day busing table could be difficult. Especially once the boy got the idea in his head that there were monsters living in the rundown warehouse, despite her best efforts to assure him this was not the case.

Katherine’s quite life was rocked one night when she found herself dozing off early from the day’s work. A short time later, she was violently awaken by a thunderous sound, only to find that her son had snuck out of the house, and the city had suffered some sort of terrorist attack. Now Katherine must find her son, and the most likely place to search is the warehouse Sam believed to be filled with monsters.


Jake Salnen

November 22, 2015

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Sex: Male
First appearance: “Reptilia Droc: Survivor

Jake Salnen worked for Destonie Corporation as part of their world harvesting operations in Outer Territory. He was recently re-assigned to a planet surveying team, and tasked with testing for mineral deposits. Jake considered the transfer to be a plus, while there were less conveniences, there was also less risk of accidents involving the massive world harvesting machines.

When Jake’s team was sent to evaluate the resources of a planet called Arris, he expected another easy tour. The situation quickly changed when an explosion left Jake alone and pinned under a pile of rumble.


Gree Ra’desh

September 25, 2015

Gree Ra’desh, was a Yah’Weian missionary that lived two hundred years before the formation of the Conglomerate States. This turbulent era, known as the Age of Turmoil, saw the decline of interstellar trade and multiple wars between rival worlds, which lead to a great deal of suffering throughout the galaxy.

Gree Ra’desh was well known and praised for his work helping the sick and poor as he traveled between galactic hotspots, spreading the message of Yah’Wei.

The missionary was killed while helping Dorsyan refugees at camp bombed Ziefian rebels. Soon after his death, the Yah’Weian elders declared Gree Ra’desh a saint, who would go on to become a prominent figure in the religion.

In the Conglomerate era, the Gree Ra’desh is still revered by the faithful, but frequently used in vain by less religious beings.


Captain Udal

May 25, 2014

Udal is the captain of a frigate in the Kildathie navy. In charge of  the patrolling the Republic’s boarder, Udal is known for boarding and harassing ships even traveling beyond his territory.  With little to no space-way regulation in the Outer Territories, Udal often threatens impoundment and arrest to force bribe money out of lone freighters.

Captain Udal_Reptilia Droc_Chris Trefz

Captain Udal

Ellie Nurrier

November 20, 2013

Ellie Nurrier, first mate of the Pathfinder, a freelance salvaging freighter operating along the Outer Territories.

Ellie is a talented pilot, and an expert fighter. In her earlier days she served in the military of the Tydorenn Corporation as a pilot, flying troop transports into battle zones. But she real  goal was to join the men down on the field. She later resigned, frustrated that woman were banned from ground combat, despite having completed and excelled at all of the necessary training.

This has left her quick to throw herself fully into any challenge, even to the point of being reckless. While Ellie is fully capable of defending herself against pirates, and the other predators of the Outer Territories. She and the rest of the crew of the Pathfinder will find themselves unprepared for an encounter with the feared Reptilia Droc.

Ellie Nurrier


April 22, 2013
The being known only as Serpris is a feared alpha that sells his skills to highest bidder as a mercenary. He is highly sought after by both corporations and criminal organizations alike. Serpris has reputation for being able to singlehandedly complete the most dangerous missions, regardless of the odds. There are also rumors that he possess unnatural abilities beyond that of any normal alpha, which made him an edge in combat.


G2 Design


Serpris’ true origins are unknown. He first appeared on the galactic scene 8 years before the events of Scavenger, working as an assassin for the Escarabuis Corporation. For 5 of those years he was their number one asset. Since then Serpris has become a free agent and has never taken another job for his former employer. In fact Serpris has made several strikes against Escarabuis, many of them without contract.


Serpris is rarely seen without his flowing trench coat. A utility belt and bandolier loaded with ammunition, grenades, gas bombs, knives, and lock picks, sensor decoys, and infiltration equipment. But the primary weapon in his arsenal are four flying discs called Quelta blades.

The discs are equipped with anti-grav propulsion, lined with a spread of vibrating knives, are heavily armored, and AI guided. The discs hover around Serpris, proving a protect shield against fire, and can slash out against enemies. These weapons were presumably given to Serpris by Escarabuis and created as prototype or from stolen Droc technology. Serpris kept the weapons after splitting from Escarabuis, and uses them to continue to reign as an unstoppable mercenary.

Kana and Serpris (G1 Design)
 Kana and Serpris (G1 Design) working out a shaky truce.



Sepris is coba’len form the planet Ssissoria. As an alpha he possess superior strength and agility. Other traits include slashing claws, a cobra like hood for intimidation and distraction. A muscular tail longer then his own body, capable of breaking bone and crushing metal. Unique to coba’len’s, his retractable fangs are able to deliver a large dose of neurotoxin venom which is lethal to all known species.

G1 Serpris profile pic

G1 Design – Digital

Serpris (G1 design) pencil

G 1 Design – pencil drawing

Derric Lorne

November 30, 2012

Name: Derric Lorne
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Engineer
First Appearance: Scavenger

Derrich Lorn built space freighters on a Corporate shipyard, until selling company equipment on the side landed him in prison. Newly released and in need of work, Derrich finds himself on a freelance salvaging crew operating in the dangerous Outer Territories. Their mission, to salvage Reptilia Droc technology from recent battle with the Corpoarations. A mission that could leave them set for life. If they survive it.






April 11, 2012

Name: Hierdun Fren
Sex: Male
Species: Dorr’slek
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Medic
First Appearance: Scavenger

“Next was Fren, the paramedic. The dorthec was tall, thin and extremely pale, even by the standards of his race. He was put on permanent medical leave, suffering from severe depression and paranoia. My new bunk mate, Fren incessantly muttered to himself. He frequently accused me of stealing his possessions. One time, going as far as to threaten me with a laser scalpel.”
– Derric Lorne, Reptilia Droc: Scavenger


Captain Bessourn

February 27, 2012

Name: Dren Bessourn
Sex: Male
Species: Bolyen
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Captain
First Appearance: Scavenger

Dren Bessourn, captain of freelance salvaging freighter, the Pathfinder.
Bessourn grew up in the Outer Territories beyond the Conglomerate States, where he learned to pilot star ships and handle dangerous situations. Later in his life he tried working for the Corporations, but was too much of a free spirit to live under their strict rules and protocols.

Taking out loans for some dangerous people, he acquired his own ships and gathered a misfit crew in an attempt to start a new life.  After a few jobs went wrong, Bessourn fell behind on his payments to the mob and had to go into exile in the Outer Territories. Bessourn was seeking away to square his debt once and for all when he was contacted by the Ponsauri Corporation for a dangerous but well paying job involving the Reptilia Droc.