Opening Quote

April 15, 2014


I’ve always been fascinated by HP Lovecraft’s imagination and tales of monsters from beyond the stars, so bizarre and frightening that very sight of them could drive men mad. Creature’s so advanced, they could wipe humanity out at any time, but we’re so insignificant to them, they have yet to bother.

Races like the Elder Things were definitely an influence when shaping the Reptilia Droc. So in honor of Lovecraft, I’m including one my favorite quotes from his poems as the opening to my story “Scavenger”.

I have seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim;
Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
Without knowledge or lustre or name.

— H. P. Lovecraft, Nemesis

Taken from the poem Nemesis, HP reused this as an opening quote himself, for the story “The Haunter of the Dark”. I love how ominous this verse depicts the unknown depths of space. Perfect description for a mysterious region of space like the Outer Territories.

HP Lovecraft Quote

Above is the layout I crated for the book.

New Title Layout

March 25, 2014


I designed a new title layout for my story “Scavenger”. I split “Reptilia” and “Droc” on to two lines so I could make the title larger. I also added volume to the title because my to make the Droc into an ongoing series.

New Droc title layout

New Droc Insignia

November 5, 2012


I recently did a re-designed  for the Reptilia Droc insignia. Last year I had re-designed the Droc title font to give it a more elegant steel design. I later decided it was time to updated the insignia to match the same style. I changed the so that it still resembled a reptilia eye, but gave more flow to the line work.

The insignia, while intimidating, I felt looked more primative, more tribal. I wanted a design the was intimidating, but also represented the Droc’s intelligence and culture. The hints of their culture can be seen in the open ring that is present in a great deal of Droc architecture and ship design. As well as the hieroglyphics along the bottom sides marking the twelve worlds that founded the Droc Empire.

Phase 3 title and insignia

For comparison, here the older version of the Droc title font and insignia. In this version I went for a holographic style to represent the Droc’s technology.

Phase 2 title and insignia

Scavenger – back cover

December 12, 2011


As I’m working on my new short story, “Scavenger”, I thought I would post an image of the back cover I designed. It will be an illustrated story, but I plan on printing it in comic book dimensions. The three images towards the bottom are stand ins, but this is the over all look.

Scavenger Cover

November 27, 2011


Cover idea for my upcoming illustrated novelette, “Scavenger”. Preview of chapter 1 available on the Stories Page.




Volume 1

October 25, 2011


I chose the story I plan to flush out into the first volume of the Reptilia Droc series. Scavenger, which is a short stories I wrote and involves characters on the outside of the conflict between the Droc and the Corporations, which will make this a good introduction into the Droc universe.

Here’s the synopsis:

An engineer who ruined his reputation with the massive Coiypax Corporation, Derric Lorne is desperate to start a new life. He’s about to catch a shuttle off-world when a beautiful pilot, Ellie, tries to recruit him for a salvaging operation in the Outer Territories. Derric is not thrilled at the mention of this lawless region of space, or the unusual goal of retrieving Reptilia Droc technology. After all, what could be gained from a species of reclusive savages? However, when Ellie tempts him with scans of an advanced, alien warship, Derric surrenders to curiosity and ambition.

Adventure soon gives way to fear, as the crew is relentlessly threatened by the hostile factions stalking the void. Meanwhile, the growing path of destruction left by the Reptilia Droc will call into question everything Derric previously believed about the Galactic Corporations. As Derric draws closer to the truth, he will find his courage, and ingenuity,put to the ultimate test.

Illustrated Novel

September 25, 2011


I bounced around several ideas for would the best format to present the story of the Reptilia Droc. Is previous iterations I’ve considered doing comic books, but felt I would have to restrict the narrative in order to illustrate it panel by panel.



Then I became heavily by an illustrated story called “The Plucker” by the artist Brom. This Book combines beautiful illustrations with a written out narrative. This gave me the idea to write out the Droc as a novel, and enhance it by illustrating key scenes for emphasis.




The New reptilia-droc.twd

August 18, 2011


Welcome to the brand new wordpress powered edition of reptilia-droc.twd!

This is still under construction, and a few features are still to follow. But enjoy the new design, browse through the newly imported blog, and besure to follow the droc on my facebook page.


The Reptilia Droc Blog

October 4, 2010


“Reptilia Droc: Balance of Power” is an illustrated novel by author/illustrator Chris Trefz. A thousand years after the human race was forced to abandon earth, mankind has assimilated into a galactic society called the Conglomerate States. A corporatized civilization, while more advanced, shares many of the same trials of earth’s past, greed, corruption, pollution and over population. But these problems are over-shadowed when a age old blood feud with an powerful race, called the Reptilia Droc, threatens to erupt into all out warfare.

Civilizations are about to collide in conflict that is anything but black and white.

Welcome to the first post of the Reptilia Droc blog.
Here I will be posting illustrations, concept art, excerts from the story, progress updates as I continue to develop the story. I currently about halfway through the writing, and hope to have a another quarter finished within the next few months.