The Age of Exploration

June 30, 2015

2300 BCF – 1500 BCF
Eight hundred years before the rise of the Wei’Quin Empire, interstellar exploration was made possible with the invention of the Hyperdrive Engine. Journey’s between star systems that would have once taken generations, could now be achieved in days. World’s that’s could only be glimpsed through telescopes could now be visited.

Slowly but surely the denizens of the Nexis were beginning to realize they were far from alone in the galaxy. Eventually space-lanes were mapped providing the safest and fastest routes between worlds, allowing for interstellar trade.

Many world’s profited as a result of this age, however, as the ring of explored territories grew ever wider, the more technologically advanced worlds began to conquer and exploit the new worlds they came upon.

*BCF (Before Conglomerate Formation)

Nexis Timeline