The Corr’Quin Language

May 6, 2015

Corr’Quin is the primary language of the Wei’Quin Empire. At the height of it’s power, the Wei’Quin controlled huge portions of the Nexis Galaxy, forcing its language and culture throughout the inhabited worlds of it’s territory.

The Corr’Quin language ultimately persisted long after the fall of the civilization which created it. The widely known dialect had become a necessity through interstellar trade as a means for different species to communicate with one another.

The Conglomerate states also understood the advantages of unfettered communication between the worlds, and upon their formation required all citizens to learn Corr’Quin in addition to their natives languages.

As a result of the Conglomerate States expansion into the Outer Territories, Corr’Quin has been spreading among nomads and other locals seeking to trade.