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August 6, 2015

Update/ The Cold Blooded News:

On the Droc Facebook Page I’ll be sharing fun articles I find, like the “Lizard Man” of South Carolina.


For more Cold Blooded News, like articles related to reptiles, science fiction, and fun pop culture items, head over to the Droc Facebook page. I decided to make the distinction that the Facebook page is where all re-post fun and interesting articles. While the Cold Blodded News section here on the site will be for articles I’ve written myself, providing my thoughts on the topic. This way the two pages will have unique features, but when I do post an article here, I’ll be sure to link to it on the Facebook page as well.

In addition to reptilian-related news stories, I’ll also be posting works in progress of my illustrations, as well what I hope to be a weekly sketch to help flush out more of the Droc universe. Hopefully together these features will help keep the content flowing on the Facebook page.

I may occasionally post a few “Best of” Selections from the Cold Blooded News here on the main site, for posterity. For example, one recent stand out article, was the siting of the Lizard Man in South Carolina.

“Yep. That is the story comin’ outta da South Carolina town of Bishopville. The urban legend Lizard Man is on the prowl again after a woman attending church services took a photo of it and sent it into the ABC News 4 newsroom.”


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