The Outer Territories

June 9, 2012

The Outer Territories are made up of the unsettled regions of space surrounding the Conglomerate State. Free of Conglomerate law, it has long been a haven for pursued criminal and political radicals who the Corporations wish silence. But for many it’s considered a haven of last resort, even a death sentence.

Outside of Corporate military enforcement, the region is host to pirates, outlaws, and militias. The Reptilia Droc, who’s territory lies on the edge of the Southern quadrant, frequently patrol sections of this outlying region with with massive warships. It’s unknown who or what they are searching for. Recently reports have have come in of an unidentified insect race launching raids against convoys and settlements.



Also living among the these dangerous elements are colonies of humans who choose to remain there while the great human migration passed through on their way to the Conglomerate States.

But the biggest change in the Outer Territories has been the resource depleted Corporations turning their gaze towards the regions largely untapped worlds. The Corporations have been sending out hundreds of surveying teams, and gearing up for colonies and trade roots.

But all of this activity has not gone unnoticed by the regions inhabitants, and even with the heavy military presence assigned to protect Corporate interests can  become out matched.