The Pathfinder

April 24, 2012

Model: Dolbarr mid-class towing freighter
Manufacturer: The Coiypax corporation
First appearance: Scavenger

The Pathfinder is owned and operated by Captain Dren Bessourn, for his freelance salvage operation in the Outer Territories. The rest of his crew consists of pilot and first mate Ellie Nurrier, Fren the medic, Karris on security, Sauln and new comer Derric Lorne on acting as engineers.

The Pathfinder its self is approximately 150 feet long, though most of its size is dedicated to cargo room and engine power. Leaving sparse room for living space, and a external bridge resembling a shuttle cockpit.

Other features include four industrial strength tractor beams on the belly of the ship, and a pair of magnetic clamps on robotic arms. Eight vertical lift thrusters spread along the sides of the ships, and two massive Towing engines connected to rotating arms, allowing targeted power. These features combine to give the pathfinder the power to tow much larger vessels in space and or from a planet’s gravity.

The ship was designed by Dol’barri shipyards, an insect-like race working under the Coiypax corporation. This background brought an unusual beetle-like influence to Pathfinder’s design.