The Reptilia Droc

October 16, 2010

Shrouded in mystery, little is know about the Reptilia Droc, except that they are technologically advanced and capable of vicious acts.


The first recorded encounter with the Reptilia Droc took place 800 years prior to the event of “Scavenger”. When the territory now under the Conglomerate States were ruled by the Weiquien empire. Most of the records of this time period have been lost or destroyed, but it is known that relations between the Weiquin and the Reptilia Droc deteriorated to the point of a galactic wide war. A war the Reptilia Droc won, and reshaped the galaxy.

Physical characteristics:
As their name implies, the Droc are a reptilian species. Classified as Alphas, they posses sentient intelligence, mixed with animal strength and senses, creating a potent mix.
There are several species making up Droc society, they vary greatly in size and shape. They live by a class system, their role in society decided by their species.