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March 19, 2015



The Reptilia Droc series is set in a far flung future, of an unfamiliar region of space, rife with alien species, cultures, and technology. To this end, the Blog section serves as an online encyclopedia for the Droc universe, with entries on all of the relevant characters, locations, technology, and factions featured in my various stories.

Articles can then be sorted by subject using tags and categories to quickly track down related content. Tags can be found at the bottom of each post, the sidebar menu, and the Tags page. Also use the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the page to search for specific characters or terms from the stories.



In this section Chris will track the status of his projects, announce new short stories which have been posted, and works in progress. As well as up coming conventions and events he will be attending to promote his work and meet with fans.

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The Cold Blooded News

The Reptilia Droc series combines Chris’ love of reptiles and science fiction. In that spirit, this section of his blog is dedicated to sharing stories from around the web, involving reptiles in science fiction, real-life reptiles and dinosaurs, and conventions or exhibits he’s attended.

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Stories Page

See the stories page page for a list of all projects underdevelopment and completed. The first chapter of the novel is available to read as a PDF. There are also several short stories available to read in their entirety. Read the stories here on the site, or download the PDF’s for the Droc themed page skin.

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Comments are currently turned off on the site, so that moderating spammers won’t take away from working on the next story. However, Chris would still like to hear from you. Questions, feedback, and comments on the stories and artwork are welcomed and encouraging. So be sure to stop by and write on the Droc Facebook page, or contact me directly.