May 7, 2015

As the Wei’Quin Empire conquered and united the core worlds of the Nexis, vastly different cultures were forced coexist. This lead to an exchange and blending of ideas, including the creation of the Yah’Weian religion. This was a peaceful, monotheistic sect revolving around the worship of a deity named Yah’Wei, which quickly spread among the Wei’Quin territories.

After the Wei’Quin collapsed, the Yah’Weian religion and Corr’Quin language were two of the only surviving legacies of the once  great Empire. The religion would continue to be spread by missionaries such as Gree Ra’desh, who would later be declared a saint.

When Human nomads first arrived in Nexis galaxy many convert to the Yei’Weian religion as a means of assimilation, and because of it’s similarities to the three dominant religions of their ancient homeworld.