Zelk Bahnarr

December 8, 2010

Zelk Bahnarr is the director of the specials projects and research division for the Gal Zinge corporation. Zinge Corp, like all of the cartels, has taken significant losses in their conflicts with the Reptilia’Droc. Bahnarr’s prime directive is to develop new technologies to help defend the worlds under Gal-Zinge control. Bahnarr’s intelligence has taken him far in Zinge Corp, but unlike most executives he has a great deal of respect for the beings working under him. He also disapproves of the corporations’ policy of covering up the growing conflict with the Reptilia’Droc. The mission he is charged with by the Gal Zinge corporation sets in motion the events of “Balance of Power”.

Bahnarr is an avian, a beta class species with bird-like attributes. The average height of his species is 6 feet and four inches for males, though 8 inches is made up of the colorful plumage crown their heads. These ornate feathers are used in attracting a mate and intimidating other males of the species.