New Wallpaper

August 27, 2011

New Reptilia Droc wallpaper available for download. Now you too can have a big reptilian eyeball watch your every move.


Click image above to open and save at full size, 1024 x 768.


The New reptilia-droc.twd

August 18, 2011


Welcome to the brand new wordpress powered edition of reptilia-droc.twd!

This is still under construction, and a few features are still to follow. But enjoy the new design, browse through the newly imported blog, and besure to follow the droc on my facebook page.


Droc Wallpaper

April 22, 2011
New Reptilia Droc Wallpaper Normally I make design the title font to look more like it’s being projected as a hologram, to make the Droc logo. But I was playing around with text effects and thought this turned out pretty cool with a metallic look and lens flare. Click below to view full size, 1024 x 768.

The Cold Blooded News

December 22, 2010

The Reptilia Droc series combines my interest in reptiles and science fiction. In that spirit I’m creating a new section of my blog where I’ll be occasionally sharing stories involving reptiles in science fiction, real-life reptiles and dinosaurs, and conventions I’ve attended.

For example, here’s some awesome artwork by Manthos Lappas.


If you find any reptile stories I don’t have on the site yet, feel free to message me here or on my Facebook page.

The Reptilia Droc Blog

October 4, 2010


“Reptilia Droc: Balance of Power” is an illustrated novel by author/illustrator Chris Trefz. A thousand years after the human race was forced to abandon earth, mankind has assimilated into a galactic society called the Conglomerate States. A corporatized civilization, while more advanced, shares many of the same trials of earth’s past, greed, corruption, pollution and over population. But these problems are over-shadowed when a age old blood feud with an powerful race, called the Reptilia Droc, threatens to erupt into all out warfare.

Civilizations are about to collide in conflict that is anything but black and white.

Welcome to the first post of the Reptilia Droc blog.
Here I will be posting illustrations, concept art, excerts from the story, progress updates as I continue to develop the story. I currently about halfway through the writing, and hope to have a another quarter finished within the next few months.