Katherine Vesten

January 4, 2016

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Gender: Female
First Appearance: “Hide ‘N’ Seek

Katherine is single mother, living with her six year old son, Sam, in the city of Yuhanas Leh. Working long hours as a waitress in a bustling diner, Katherine can only afford a cramp apartment in one of the poorer sections of the city. She had hoped to at least get a unit facing the beautiful lights and architecture of downtown, but to her chagrin got a view of an abandoned warehouse across the street.

Hardships aside, Katherine had her son, who she loved and would do anything for. Although, Sam could be a handful, and keeping up with him after a long day busing table could be difficult. Especially once the boy got the idea in his head that there were monsters living in the rundown warehouse, despite her best efforts to assure him this was not the case.

Katherine’s quite life was rocked one night when she found herself dozing off early from the day’s work. A short time later, she was violently awaken by a thunderous sound, only to find that her son had snuck out of the house, and the city had suffered some sort of terrorist attack. Now Katherine must find her son, and the most likely place to search is the warehouse Sam believed to be filled with monsters.