Captain Bessourn

February 27, 2012

Name: Dren Bessourn
Sex: Male
Species: Bolyen
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Captain
First Appearance: Scavenger

Dren Bessourn, captain of freelance salvaging freighter, the Pathfinder.
Bessourn grew up in the Outer Territories beyond the Conglomerate States, where he learned to pilot star ships and handle dangerous situations. Later in his life he tried working for the Corporations, but was too much of a free spirit to live under their strict rules and protocols.

Taking out loans for some dangerous people, he acquired his own ships and gathered a misfit crew in an attempt to start a new life.  After a few jobs went wrong, Bessourn fell behind on his payments to the mob and had to go into exile in the Outer Territories. Bessourn was seeking away to square his debt once and for all when he was contacted by the Ponsauri Corporation for a dangerous but well paying job involving the Reptilia Droc.