November 2, 2013

The standard vac-suit is a light weight, pressurized suit for maneuvering in space, or other hazardous environments. Vac-suits are also used as protection against radiation and biological threats. Armored vac-suits are also available for military application.



Vac-suits are equipped with an oxygen recycler good for 3 hours of breathing. Advanced models can recycle air for up to 3 days, and are equipped with food and water and waste removal systems.

Magnetic boots and gloves for gripping in zero G. A utility belt with a spindle of high tensile line. Created from self-healing nano fabric, which can automatically repair small holes and tears. The helmet is made of liquid nano glass, a substance which can take a hardened shape like a helmet, as well as liquify and retract inside the collar seal of the suit when not in use.