The Korb

November 24, 2010

The Korb are new comers to the Nexis galaxy. A nomadic race, their entire civilization is migrating like a swarm of locusts from exhausted feeding grounds.

The Korb were first encountered one year prior to the events of the story. They appeared along the Outer Rim territories separating the Conglomerate States and the Reptilia Droc empire. The Korb started out attacking Corporate freighters and Droc patrol ships. The scavenged the cargos and vessels for resources and technology, and devoured the crews for food.
Both the Corporations and the Droc attempted to hunt down the raiders, but they used long range ship that would disappear in the surrounding uncharted space.
Since their arrival the Korb have increase the scale and frequency of their attacks. They also demonstrated they have larger ships and greater numbers then first estimated.
Species characteristics:
An insectoid race, the Korb operate as a hive collective. Like the Droc, they are classified as Alphas and posses exceptional strength and speed. But craving more then their natural abilities, the Korb have turned to genetic engineering to mold their species into their own gruesome vision of perfection.
Korb society is made up of hundreds of different sub species, but the most commonly encountered are the fierce warrior drones. Ranging in variety of terrible shape and sizes, each drone species is tailored for a unique and dangerous fighting style. More about warrior drones here.