Katherine Vesten

January 4, 2016

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Gender: Female
First Appearance: “Hide ‘N’ Seek

Katherine is single mother, living with her six year old son, Sam, in the city of Yuhanas Leh. Working long hours as a waitress in a bustling diner, Katherine can only afford a cramp apartment in one of the poorer sections of the city. She had hoped to at least get a unit facing the beautiful lights and architecture of downtown, but to her chagrin got a view of an abandoned warehouse across the street.

Hardships aside, Katherine had her son, who she loved and would do anything for. Although, Sam could be a handful, and keeping up with him after a long day busing table could be difficult. Especially once the boy got the idea in his head that there were monsters living in the rundown warehouse, despite her best efforts to assure him this was not the case.

Katherine’s quite life was rocked one night when she found herself dozing off early from the day’s work. A short time later, she was violently awaken by a thunderous sound, only to find that her son had snuck out of the house, and the city had suffered some sort of terrorist attack. Now Katherine must find her son, and the most likely place to search is the warehouse Sam believed to be filled with monsters.



December 7, 2015

First Appearance: “Thrill of the Hunt

The planet Amothwa is a poor, developing world on the edge of the Gal Zinge Corporation’s territory. It’s native population are the Amothie, a tall, thin, incectoid species.

The planet itself, is a dry and hot climate due to small oceans, and the system’s twin suns. Amothwa’s large landmasses are cover in rolling, grassy plains. Consisting of shoulder high, golden reeds, these plants are tough and require little water.



December 6, 2015

Class: Beta
First Appearance: “Scavenger

The Kildathie are a sentient species from the planet Kildath, in the Outer Territories. Amphibious in nature, the Kildathie can operate in dry environments for up to twelve hours, after which they most re-moisturize their skin.

At night the Kildathie sleep submerged in water, and own their planet, have entire cities constructed under the water.

Kildathie Guard_Chris Trefz_Reptilia Droc
Kildathie Republic Guard


Jake Salnen

November 22, 2015

Species: Human
Class: Beta
Sex: Male
First appearance: “Reptilia Droc: Survivor

Jake Salnen worked for Destonie Corporation as part of their world harvesting operations in Outer Territory. He was recently re-assigned to a planet surveying team, and tasked with testing for mineral deposits. Jake considered the transfer to be a plus, while there were less conveniences, there was also less risk of accidents involving the massive world harvesting machines.

When Jake’s team was sent to evaluate the resources of a planet called Arris, he expected another easy tour. The situation quickly changed when an explosion left Jake alone and pinned under a pile of rumble.


New Short Story: Hide’N’Seek

October 25, 2015


Katherine Vestan is trying to relax after a stressful day at work, but her difficulties are just beginning when an explosion rocks the city. Was it an accident or a terrorist attack? It’s the least of Katherine’s worries as she realizes her six year old son has snuck off in the chaos. Desperate to find her missing child, Katherine investigates the rundown warehouse across the street, which may not be as abandoned as it looks.



October 25, 2015

Reptilia Droc:


That evening, Katherine was sprawled out on the sofa after a late dinner, still recuperating from a grueling day serving mediocre food to ornery customers, for an overbearing boss. She was thankful that her energetic, six-year old son had eventually settled down and was playing with his toys nearby on the living room floor. Now, finally Katherine was free to watch some dramas she had recorded on the holoprojector.

The only problem was, she got less than halfway through the first show, and Katherine could already feel her eyes getting heavy. The last thing she remembered was thinking, I need to get up and make some coffee before I pass out.

Good intentions aside, Katherine never made it to the kitchen before succumbing to drowsiness. The next thing Katherine knew, she was violently awoken by a sound so thunderous, it caused the walls of her tiny apartment to shake. Katherine let out a yelp of surprise, her sudden start causing her to roll off the sofa, and knock her head against the coffee table on the way down.

“Ow, crite!” she cursed, resting one hand on the coffee table for support and rubbing her aching head with the other. “What was that? Sam, are you alright?” she asked. However, the only reply came from the holoprojector, mixed with the blare of sirens somewhere off in the distance.

Staggering to her feet, Katherine scanned the dimly lit living room, only to discover she was alone, except for Sam’s abandoned toys. OnBoard, she thought to her AI assistant. Where’s my son?

Sam is currently located in his bedroom, a male voice responded from within her head.

Katherine hurried down the short hallway to the boy’s room, and stopped in the darkened doorway. Lights, she commanded, her neural connection illuminating the room to reveal a child-sized bed, with colorful posters on the walls. Toys were scattered across the floor, but there was no sign of the boy. (more…)

Gree Ra’desh

September 25, 2015

Gree Ra’desh, was a Yah’Weian missionary that lived two hundred years before the formation of the Conglomerate States. This turbulent era, known as the Age of Turmoil, saw the decline of interstellar trade and multiple wars between rival worlds, which lead to a great deal of suffering throughout the galaxy.

Gree Ra’desh was well known and praised for his work helping the sick and poor as he traveled between galactic hotspots, spreading the message of Yah’Wei.

The missionary was killed while helping Dorsyan refugees at camp bombed Ziefian rebels. Soon after his death, the Yah’Weian elders declared Gree Ra’desh a saint, who would go on to become a prominent figure in the religion.

In the Conglomerate era, the Gree Ra’desh is still revered by the faithful, but frequently used in vain by less religious beings.


Early Stories and Canon

September 21, 2015


I recently decided to remove some of my earlier shorts, “The Tombs” and “Over a Meal” from the stories page. They are older entries that don’t reflect my current writing style, and proceed some of my newer ideas like NC chips and OnBoard assistants.

More importantly, the titular Reptilia Droc do not appear in either story. Instead the threat is a hint towards a different opponent. The creatures referenced originally appeared right away in the series, but will instead appear as a future threat.

I may rework theses entries down the line, but for now, I want the stories page to remain focused on the Droc who are still mysterious themselves. But for those who want more adventures set in the Droc universe, the stories are available below.

The Tombs

Engineer, Alec Phirth, requested a transferred to a star-ship in hopes of finding adventure. However, his enthusiasm quickly disappears when Alec is assigned a solitary position among the ship’s dark and aging maintenance level. The situation worsens when he begins to suspect there’s something else stalking the silent halls.


Over A Meal

In deep space, three crew-members narrowly escape the destruction of their ship by a powerful, unknown force. But over a meal, they discover that they aren’t out of danger yet.


Vanta Rat

September 19, 2015

Vanta rats are an evasive species which has spread across the galaxy by  stowing away on cargo ships transporting goods from planet to planet. These hardy pests can quickly adapt to a variety of harsh environments, and can resist most poisons used against them. They have sharp teeth and claws, and with sufficient time and numbers, can chew their way through just about anything.

Vanta Rat

New Short Story: Thrill of the Hunt

September 15, 2015


Wealthy, corporate director, Masso Dubar, enjoys hunting exotic animals. For his latest trophy, Dubar has traveled to a distant planet called, Amothwa, with his sites on an endanger predator. Dubar has every advantage on his side, from an experienced guide, to advanced probes and weapons, but regardless, he may find himself to be the Hunted.