January 5, 2012

Name: Bycus Sauln
Sex: Male
Species: Pleathic
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Engineer

Sauln, the wise cracking, pill popping engineer of the Pathfinder.

“A stout, Pethelisc with a long neck and camel-like face. He certainly knew his stuff… when he was sober. Sauln was fired from the corporations for his part time job as drug dealer. They’re usually pretty soft on drugs, but Sauln wasn’t paying his dues to the supervisor. He also developed a habit of sampling his own product while on duty.
My first day, he fixed me a drink as a friendly welcome aboard gesture. Great, except it was laced with some kind a hallucinogen. For the next few hours I had to endure melting walls, and the crew’s faces having turned into tentacles.”



December 10, 2011

Sex: Male
Species: farhi
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The crew of the Pathfinder
Occupation: Security

Karris is head of security on board the freelance salvaging freighter, the Pathfinder. As an Alpha Karris has superhuman strength, speed, animal senses, and healing abilities.

Despite his fearsome appearance, Karris is loyal to his shipmates, easy going and loves to joke around. Karris rarely shows his temper, but when he does it can be explosive, which has led him into trouble with the law.




July 13, 2011

Sex: Male
Species: Reptilia Chameleon
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Warrior caste
First Appearance: Scavenger


Thryce is a Chameleon, one of six known Reptilia’Droc species. Chameleons, like all Reptilia species, are Alpha class. They possess physical strength, speed, and agility even beyond that of most other Alpha races. Common Reptilia traits include a long forked tongue which allows them to “taste” the air, and do a detailed chemical analysis of their surrounding. They also have superior night vision, and crocodilian jaws that can break bones, or tear through metal.

Other traits specific to Chameleons: the ability to change the color of their skin, and blend in with their surroundings. This ability is similar to the chameleons of earth, but refined to an even greater extent. Chameleons also posses superior agility, which allows them to have a unique fighting style of leaping, kicking, and flipping.

As a Chameleon, Thryce was raised as member of the warrior caste, trained to fight for and protect the Reptilia’Droc Empire. Thryce’s skills in combat and head for strategy have made him the leader of his squad, “The Reapers”. But Thryce craves for more than the life of an ordinary soldier, and often acts brashly and disobeys orders in the name of glory. His ambition is frowned upon by his superiors, who feel that serving the empire should be reward enough, and see personal desire and pride as flaws of the corporate races.

Alec Phirth

May 7, 2011
Species: Human
Class: Beta
Affiliation: The Gal Zinge Corporation
Occupation: Engineer
Alec is an engineer who requests a transfer to space freighter in hopes of a more exciting career. He’s is disappointed from the start when he gets assigned to the ship’s maintenance level, the tomb. But when a meteor breaks through the hull of the ship, and strange events start to occur, Alec, may be in for more then he bargained for.
Concept art of Alec Phirth, from my story “The Tomb”.


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Set’Cul Nath

January 8, 2011
Species: Lycral
Class: Proto Alpha

Affiliation: Gal Zinge Corporation
Occupation: Security

Set’Cul works as a security officer for the Gal Zinge corporation. He has been stationed at the mining installation on Sakora. Set’Cul was assigned as an escort for Melean and Bradic on their research missions into Sakora’s wilderness. Security details became necessary for personnel working outside of the mining compound after a series of disappearances suffered by the surveying crew.

Set’Cul is also on the watch for a reported species of strange glowing serpents which swim through the air. The creatures remind Set’Cul of spirits from an annceient legend of his people, and believes them to be warning of something more dangerous to come.

Set’Cul is a Lycral, an Alpha species from Bassorian system. As an Alpha he possess preternatural strength, speed and agility. As well as accelerated healing, and predatory senses.
Lycrals have a deep spiritual connection to their world and are seldom fond in other parts of the galaxy. While being a member of the Conglomerates States, they reject most of it’s corporatized culture for their ancestral ways and beliefs. Even as Set’Cul left his world to find work among the Outer Rim, he holds on to his people’s heritage as well as a few superstitions.

Bradic Al’zern

January 8, 2011

Dr. Bradic Al’Zern is a belarian, a beta with humanoid characteristics. Bradic works as a zoologist for the Gal Zinge corporation. He was stationed at the Sakora mining operation to research and catalog the wildlife before the planet is cleared for the strip mining process.

Unlike Melean, Bradic has spent the last few years working in the Outer Rim territories. He has seen first hand the corporation’s plans unfettered by the public eye. He has seen his own work ignored and pushed to the side in place of profit. But Bradic’s good nature and sense of humor have allowed him to endure and continue forward with his research.

He is also attempting to track down a species of strange glowing serpents which have been been reported by the surveying teams as gliding through the air. Bradic suspects these are probably an invasive species. They may have stowed away on a transport from another world or it could be a rival corporation trying to sabotage the operation.

Despite being a scientist, Bradic is required to carry a weapon while out in the field,
due to a number of disappearances suffered by the operation’s surveying crew.

Melean Tass

December 31, 2010
Dr. Melean Tass is a botanist working for the Gal Zinge corporation. In the core worlds she worked to identify plant specimens with medicinal value for the corporate giant’s pharmaceutical division. As well as assist in the conservation and re-population of rares species among the heavily developed core worlds.
Melean’s Gal Zinge researcher’s uniform
When Gal Zinge offered her reassignment as an environmental consultant at a mining operation on the planet of Sakora, Melean jumped at the chance. She was eager to travel to the Outer Rim and discover new species. But when the young botanist reached Sakora, she learned Gal Zinge had different plans in store for the uninhabited planet. And that was only one of the secrets the corporation had been keeping from her.
Melean’s field uniform for Sakora’s humid climate

Kana Rei

December 9, 2010

Kana Rei Kana is a citizen of the Conglomerate States, and employee of the Gal-Zinge Corporation. Despite her young age, Kana is a prodigy with technology. She was selected very early in her career to join the corporation’s elite Special Projects and Research division, as an advanced diagnostic engineer. Kana’s primary talent is for reverse engineering alien technology. She has unlocked the secrets of past civilizations, as well as deciphered the coveted Reptilia’Droc technology. It is this talent that will tear her away from the safety of the tech lab and put her face to face with the fearsome Reptilia’Droc.

Kana is a human of primarily Japanese descent. However by the time “Balance of Power” takes place, a 1,000 years have passed since humans were forced to abandoned earth to resettle among the stars. Since migrating to the Nexis galaxy, earth has become more of a legend, and humans have continued to evolve after a millennium on alien worlds. This has resulted in new racial traits like Kana’s striking red hair.

Zelk Bahnarr

December 8, 2010

Zelk Bahnarr is the director of the specials projects and research division for the Gal Zinge corporation. Zinge Corp, like all of the cartels, has taken significant losses in their conflicts with the Reptilia’Droc. Bahnarr’s prime directive is to develop new technologies to help defend the worlds under Gal-Zinge control. Bahnarr’s intelligence has taken him far in Zinge Corp, but unlike most executives he has a great deal of respect for the beings working under him. He also disapproves of the corporations’ policy of covering up the growing conflict with the Reptilia’Droc. The mission he is charged with by the Gal Zinge corporation sets in motion the events of “Balance of Power”.

Bahnarr is an avian, a beta class species with bird-like attributes. The average height of his species is 6 feet and four inches for males, though 8 inches is made up of the colorful plumage crown their heads. These ornate feathers are used in attracting a mate and intimidating other males of the species.