April 25, 2013

Species: Reptilia Chameleon
Class: Alpha
Affiliation: The Reptilia Droc Empire
Occupation: Warrior caste

Chameleons are part of the fearsome Reptilia Droc Warrior caste. They are the teeth and claws of the Droc military, along with the sprinter and raptor species.

Chameleons have bone-crushing jaws, piercing tusks, and a powerful muscular tail. As well as a thick scaly hide, and bony back plates running the length of their back.

The most unique aspect of the chameleon species is its ability to camouflage its skin to blend with its surroundings, allowing them to ambush their prey.

Reptilia Chameleon
Above: Chameleon without armor

In addition to their natural abilities, chameleon soldiers are armed with grenades, a pair of wrist mounted plasma weapons, and double bladed knives called a Scyph. They are protected by strong, light weight combat armor, and a portal shield generator.  Some chameleons will carry personalized weapons, such as throwing knives, swords, and serrated whips.

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